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701, Taiwan, Tainan City, East District, Section 1, Zhonghua E Rd, 366號不二緻果(高雄不二家)-台南南紡門市

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701, Taiwan, Tainan City, East District, Section 1, Zhonghua E Rd, 366號不二緻果(高雄不二家)-台南南紡門市
林小芸 on Google

I bought the crispy curry Donaz and Danish Polo, and my sister bought French walnuts. The Danish polo has a crispy skin and a strong flavor. The faint fragrance of French walnuts does not give you a taste!
多多-Asher on Google

The taro mille is super solid, it has a strong taro flavor and the game flavor of taro. I personally think that if you only dare to eat taro puree, some people may not be able to accept it.
Lily Su on Google

台南南紡的不二家有一位小姐超級親切介紹我買了保冷袋非常好用😍我本來還搞不清楚狀況,經過他的解說才不用多跑一趟跑到新光三越那邊去買,總之非常可愛又好用喔!這是我買的第二個他們家的保冷袋! 另外他們家的紅豆起司吐司也很好吃!回家又用烤箱烤了一下,根本就是外酥裡嫩!非常的綿密而且不會太甜💪💪總之就是非常的好吃😋
There was a lady from Nanfang in Tainan who super kindly introduced me to buy a cooler bag, which is very useful😍 I didn't know the situation at first, but after his explanation, I didn't have to go to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi to buy it. In short, it's very cute Easy to use again! This is the second cooler bag I've bought! In addition, their red bean cheese toast is also delicious! When I got home, I baked it in the oven again, and it was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside! Very dense and not too sweet💪💪 In short, it is very delicious😋
張雲涵 on Google

雖然我不是(芋芋控) 特別愛吃芋頭🍠🍠 切下去後~真材實料的芋頭🍠🍠➕綿密的蛋糕體又不會太甜 真的滿好吃😆😆😆 難怪聽說是(超人氣秒殺款)
Although I am not (taro control) Especially love taro 🍠🍠 After cutting it~ The real taro 🍠🍠➕ The dense cake body will not be too sweet Really delicious 😆😆😆 No wonder I heard it is (super popular spike)
allemkimo on Google

20220310關於芋頭長條蛋糕,很可惜,不符合最近流行的甜點趨勢:輕盈。 分開來看,蛋糕體紮實,芋頭內餡也確是真材實料,但上述兩者組合在一起時太厚重,吃上兩口就有飽足感。亞尼克芋泥生乳或基隆連珍芋泥長條我一天可以吃1/4條,不二家的我一天只能吃1/10條,在高雄買的不二家小盒芋泥反而適合一人獨享。 品嚐不二家芋頭長條蛋糕,很像吃一碗海之冰、但碗內只見滿坑滿谷芋頭不見其他料與冰的絕望感,就算大甲芋頭冰都沒這麼…膩。 建議:拿掉特色純芋泥,多打點鮮乳或奶油,讓內餡吃起來輕盈,麵包體也可以多打點空氣進去。
20220310 Regarding the taro strip cake, it is a pity that it does not meet the recent popular dessert trend: lightness. Separately, the cake body is solid, and the filling of the taro is really real, but the combination of the above two is too thick, and you will feel full after two bites. I can eat 1/4 of Yannick Taro Pureed Raw Milk or Keelung Lianzhen Taro Strips in a day, but I can only eat 1/10 of a day at Fujiya. The small box of pureed taro that I bought in Kaohsiung is suitable for one person. Tasting Fujiya's taro strip cake is like eating a bowl of ice from the sea, but the bowl is full of taro and no other ingredients or ice. Suggestion: Remove the special pure taro paste and add more fresh milk or cream to make the filling light and light, and the bread body can also be filled with more air.
小俞 on Google

好喜歡真芋頭長條蛋糕🥰 內餡可以吃到芋頭塊唷 芋頭千層也是好厲害👍 包裝好美又份量十足 送禮的好選擇~
I really like the real taro cake 🥰 You can eat taro in the filling Taro Melaleuca is also amazing👍 Beautifully packaged and generous A good choice for gifts~
chou scottie on Google

Yummy Cake
Romari Jao on Google

tasty cakes

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