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831, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Daliao District, Minshun St, 1號財團法人台灣省私立高雄仁愛之家

電話 : 📞 +8877
網站 : http://www.khja.org.tw/
城市 : Minshun St

831, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Daliao District, Minshun St, 1號財團法人台灣省私立高雄仁愛之家
宋秀珍 on Google

The environmental equipment is indeed good, but there is still much room for growth in the quality of care
信望愛 on Google

No caring institution. People can only push and drag. Treat the elderly. Very unfriendly. Refer to respect for the elderly! Live in the elderly. Seek happiness.
李珮緹 on Google

溫暖溫馨的另一個大家庭 20160121 仁愛之家義賣園遊會 瓠仔餅煎 活動由9:00~12:00結束
Warm and warm another big family 20160121 Benevolence House Bazaar Taipa pancake activity ends from 9: 00 ~ 12: 00
老周 on Google

I (2/20) came out with an angry heart from Daliao Renai Family Respect for the Elderly. If you want to go to the elderly care center, please be cautious in Daliao Renai Family Respect for the elderly; there is a man named Shuqing Chen in front , Published a meaty testimony, that he is the director of the Respect for the Elderly, he and another named Liu Jiazhen, the two are domineering, the charge here is really not low. Take my residence as an example: a half-suite bathroom plus a bedroom, a total of 3.22 square meters, a general buffet , The charge is 19,000 yuan/month, my residence is completely west because it is too hot, so I bought a 70W electric fan and an extension cord with a safe power of 1210W. If the night is too dark, I will buy a 7W night light, but it is too bright and too bright. The night light was added with a piece of thick cardboard. The two adults came to my room one morning. As soon as Master Liu saw the night light, he immediately removed the socket that was plugged into my bed. How would I fall asleep? And I quarreled with Mrs. Chen, Mrs. Liu also specially led me to the wall outside the door to see the accommodation information. I did not see the extension line for a long time. I got up at 6 in the morning and refreshed and had dinner at 6:15. , Lunch at 11:20 and dinner at 4:15 in the afternoon disrupted the whole life clock. However, some personnel, such as Ms. Chen Yaru, Dai Liyi social worker, and substitute worker Zhou Houren, are enthusiastic and polite, and give extra points to respect for the elderly. Quite a few; frankly speaking, the environment here is pretty quiet, there are walking trails, big trees, grass, gazebos, but because of this, there are so many mosquitoes; I ask if you can light mosquito coils, but they refuse to think it is dangerous, really annoying, I am outdoors Is it dangerous to burn mosquito coils on the grass? All kinds of new hatreds and old hatreds surged up for a while, I immediately asked to leave the nursing home and took leave from February 14th to February 18th, and it took effect on February 20th. After completing the formalities on February 25th, I went back home to see the various receipts. There is a receipt of 3800 yuan donated by me to the elderly care center on February 25 (without my signature), and another 440 yuan of which is donated to the elderly care center at the Cihui Hospital. Everywhere it is shown that the elderly care center is not only abominable but also a fraudulent group. Some people will I asked why I didn’t see a doctor elsewhere? But you don’t know, my health insurance card was taken away as soon as I entered the nursing home for the elderly, and these unsightly behaviors occurred after that. Someone gets victimized again.
King Fone Chf on Google

環境優美,照護人員專業有愛心,耐心… 尊老敬賢,老人最佳安心養護之家!
The environment is beautiful, and the caregivers are professional, caring and patient... Respect the old and respect the virtuous, the best home for the elderly with peace of mind!
陳淑卿 on Google

The nursing home is a good place, and the staff is attentive, patient, and caring. It is a good place for elders to take care of.
曲雲峰 on Google

My mother lives here now, and the space and barrier-free facilities here are very suitable for the elderly. It is a good nursing center so that children do not have to worry about their parents' lives.
蕭玉瑩 on Google

敬老所是個好地方,環境優美.... 工作人員細心又有耐心... 適合老人之生活
The nursing home is a good place with a beautiful environment... The staff is attentive and patient... Suitable for the life of the elderly

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