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950, Taiwan, Taitung County, Taitung City, Section 4, Zhonghua Rd, 71號豐里食堂

城市 : Zhonghua Rd

950, Taiwan, Taitung County, Taitung City, Section 4, Zhonghua Rd, 71號豐里食堂
Yi-Nung Kuo on Google

樹蔭下的一碗湯麵,老眷村的一個故事 牛肉麵$140,湯頭帶著淡淡的滷包香,肉塊使用略帶油質的牛腩,燉煮入味 油潑麵$70,辣椒末蒜末蔥末與Q彈麵條拌出的好滋味,炎炎夏日令人胃口大開,推薦! 拌麵$65,醬料偏甜,自取了些辣椒子油,也挺好吃 煙燻滷味所剩不多,基本的海帶豆干還是很滿足
A bowl of noodle soup under the shade of a tree, a story from Laojun Village Beef noodles are $140, the soup has a light stewed aroma, and the meat is slightly oily beef brisket, stewed and delicious The oily noodles are $70, minced chili, minced garlic and green onion mix with Q-bomb noodles. It is very appetizing in the hot summer. Recommend! The noodles are $65, the sauce is a bit sweet, and I took some chili seed oil, which is also very delicious There is not much smoky lo-mei left, and the basic kelp tofu is still very satisfying
桂懇傑 on Google

慕名而來,純粹個人的感覺 牛肉麵好吃,酸菜多寡自己調整 小菜切盤自己選,有煙燻的味道 店家室內擺飾簡單略帶個性 室外榕樹下矮桌子吃麵也是種體驗,不過我想樹葉是不長眼睛的。
Coming here in particular, purely personal feeling Beef noodles are delicious, adjust the amount of sauerkraut by yourself Cut the side dishes to choose your own, it has a smoky taste The interior decoration of the store is simple and slightly individual Eating noodles on a low table outdoor under a banyan tree is also an experience, but I think the leaves do not grow eyes.
Abby on Google

裝潢很工業風 我跟男友都很喜歡 也是我們吃過最清淡的紅燒牛肉麵 很好吃😋 炸醬麵配料也很豐盛好吃😋 男友說店家的酸菜也做的不錯 不會很油 下次下台東會在品嚐🧡🧡🧡
The decor is very industrial, my boyfriend and I both like it Also the lightest braised beef noodles we've ever had Very delicious My boyfriend said that the store's sauerkraut is also well done, not too oily Next time I go to Taitung, I will taste it🧡🧡🧡
Jules Y on Google

Beef soup will not have the taste of Chinese medicine. The green onion is fresh, the sauerkraut is delicious, the chili oil is delicious, and the cold tea is delicious. These small places are not casual, the boss is very careful. Eating noodles under the mango tree is a great treat.
Xuan on Google

油潑拉麵必點! 好特別,好好吃!!! 第一次吃到這種調味的拌麵 牛肉麵就不用講了,本店招牌 店家們也很風趣
Oil splash ramen is a must! So special and delicious! ! ! First time eating this kind of seasoned noodles Needless to say about beef noodles, our shop sign The shopkeepers are also very funny
謝摳 on Google

The oily noodles are delicious, the little spicy is not spicy, the lo-mei is delicious, and the spicy oil is very powerful! Hope the boss will launch other meat pasta🥺🥺
hi yu on Google

牛肉麵蠻好吃的 不會太死鹹 麵條也蠻Q的 酸菜吃起來比較鹹一點 看個人要不要加 小菜豬頭皮跟滷蛋不錯吃 店家給的蔥花也不手軟 位子外面在大馬路旁邊 風沙有點多但蠻涼的 看人要坐裡面還外面了
Beef noodles are delicious Not too dead salty Noodles are pretty good too Sauerkraut tastes a bit salty Depends on whether you want to add Small dishes, pig scalp and marinated eggs are delicious The chopped green onion given by the store is not too soft The seat is outside next to the main road A little sandy but cool See if people are going to sit inside or outside
Diego Leibundgut on Google

Friendly boss Beef noodles are among the best I had in Taiwan! Highly recommended. Restaurant itself is kept very clean and tidy.

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