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813, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Zuoying District, Ziyou 2nd Rd, 390號自由牛肉隆

電話 : 📞 +8899
Postal code : 2
網站 : https://www.facebook.com/%25E8%2587%25AA%25E7%2594%25B1%25E7%2589%259B%25E8%2582%2589%25E9%259A%2586-303101116875818/
城市 : nd Rd

813, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Zuoying District, Ziyou 2nd Rd, 390號自由牛肉隆
Alex Kuo on Google

The meal is fast, the taste is delicious, the environment is clean, it is worth visiting again
CJ K on Google

被店員們一聲清脆宏亮的「裡面坐喔」吸引 防疫期間店員們口罩都戴緊緊很棒給個讚 點了一碗牛雜湯100$ 肉切成一口剛好的大小 口感偏軟嫩 適合牙口不好的客人 湯的滋味鮮美清爽不油膩 令人回味無窮 調味上承襲潮州口味-九層塔的提香 最正宗吃法就是沾薑泥+辣椒醬 是一間會想再回訪的店🙂
Was attracted by the crisp and loud "Sit inside" from the staff During the epidemic prevention period, the shop assistants are wearing masks tightly and it is great to give a compliment Ordered a bowl of beef offal soup for 100$ The meat is cut into just the right size, and the taste is soft and tender Suitable for guests with bad teeth The taste of the soup is delicious, refreshing, not greasy, and it is endlessly memorable The seasoning inherits the Chaozhou taste-the Titian of the nine-story pagoda The most authentic way to eat is dipped in ginger paste + chili sauce It is a shop that I would like to visit again🙂
YuYu Tsai on Google

Different people have different tastes. I personally like the taste of this store. The ingredients are delicious and the service is good. I wonder if the Teochew beef soup is different from the Tainan beef soup. The sauce only contains bean paste, chili oil and ginger. Is it clear soy sauce?
Zhaoen Zheng on Google

The service attitude is very warm and kind, the taste is very authentic and fresh and delicious, I will want to come! The beef is thick and tender, and the portion is large! ㄝ
楊文玄 on Google

If you have a budget of around 300 per person, you can refer to it. If you like cheap and big bowls, don’t consider it. The soup tastes sweet and fragrant. The risotto and fried noodles are all good in seasoning.
Avis Cheng on Google

超級好吃 濃濃的香味吃不膩 店家親切、服務佳
Super delicious The strong scent is not greasy to eat Friendly shop and good service
Yu-Yi Huang on Google

It is purely a shop specializing in beef dishes. The sand tea used in "Sand Cha Fried Beef" is Chaoshan-style sand tea, which blends well after being fried. This dish is to my liking. The beef is made of fresh meat, and the grade is about the daily food grade, not the big meal grade. There are not many dishes, and there are no pot items to choose from. Risotto risotto or stir fry with rice. The "fried beef in sesame oil" is about 5 minutes cooked, but the beef itself is not sweet enough, which is a pity! When I came out of the store after a meal, my lips and tongue were numb, it was like eating allergy food, not sure what the reason was! On the whole, the amount of dishes is quite large, and the cp value is high. It is also said that it is okay to be listed as a daily food restaurant.
金剛榮 on Google

這是我在谷狗看到的 所以想來嚐嚐那碗牛肉湯 我喝完了 是強迫自己在加湯 想確認一下是我想要的那個味道嗎!嗯 有一點點🤏失望 我看他醬料台上沒放白醋 我也懶得問有沒有白醋了
This is what I saw in Gugou, so I wanted to try that bowl of beef soup. I finished drinking it. I forced myself to add the soup. I wanted to make sure it was the taste I wanted! Hmm, I'm a little disappointed 🤏 I saw that he didn't put white vinegar on the sauce table, and I didn't bother to ask if there was any white vinegar

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