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712, Taiwan, Tainan City, Xinhua District, Zhengxin Rd, 249號敲早

電話 : 📞 +8898
城市 : Zhengxin Rd

712, Taiwan, Tainan City, Xinhua District, Zhengxin Rd, 249號敲早
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I owe it ♥️ I want to eat all of you ♥️
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很乾淨的店,會讓人想要一直悠閒的坐著。 推薦鮪魚沙拉蛋餅,蛋餅皮是古早味的粉漿皮。鮪魚沙拉意外的讓人覺得不會很油膩,忘了拍照就吃光了... 店內還有特製的古早味蒜頭蔥醬油可以使用。 (聽說假日生意很好出餐很慢,我想用心的餐點是值得等待的)
A very clean shop that will make people want to sit and relax all the time. We recommend the tuna salad omelette, which is an ancient pastry. The tuna salad unexpectedly makes people feel that it is not very greasy, and I forgot to take pictures and ate it up...   There is also a special old-fashioned garlic onion soy sauce available in the store. (I heard that the holiday business is very good and the meal delivery is slow, I think the meal with heart is worth the wait)
賈睿宸 on Google

主廚私房料理-麻油三杯雞用飯 (隱藏版——加肉35元) 口味完全不輸簡餐廳!!聽說雞腿肉還是老闆親手醃製!難怪常常賣光點不到又特別好吃😋 今日跟老闆說餓到不行老闆說很佛心的私房料理推薦,還可以隱藏選項加肉!只多35元(原價135元更新為130元,剛開幕不久老闆多類餐點均調降5元,真的很佛心!) 吃完一整個飽到不行✋ 建議大家想吃先預定,我假日來沒有一次吃到。
Chef's Private Kitchen - Three Cup Chicken Rice with Sesame Oil (Hidden version - 35 yuan with meat) The taste is not inferior to the simple restaurant! ! I heard that the chicken thighs are marinated by the boss himself! No wonder it's often sold out and it's so delicious 😋 Today, I told the boss that I am too hungry. The boss said that it is a very Buddha-hearted private cooking recommendation, and you can also hide the option to add meat! Only 35 yuan more (the original price of 135 yuan has been updated to 130 yuan, and the boss's various types of meals have been reduced by 5 yuan shortly after the opening, which is really Buddha-hearted!) I can't feel full after eating a whole ✋ It is recommended that everyone who wants to eat should make a reservation. I have never eaten it during the holidays.
世豪世豪 on Google

蔥爆豬柳蛋餅好吃😋 推一波
Pork fillet omelette with spring onion is delicious 😋 push a wave
雅涵 on Google

剛好路過來吃,環境溫馨乾淨,店員親切。 點了九層塔豬肉蛋餅+薯條+飲料套餐99元, 蛋餅很驚艷!豬肉很多而且很嫩,搭配九層塔的香味有夠好吃~ 薯條剛出爐又酥脆又香,奶茶香濃,五星好評推薦大家👍🏻
Just came over to eat, the environment is warm and clean, and the staff are friendly. Ordered the nine-story tower pork omelette + French fries + beverage package 99 yuan, The omelette is amazing! There is a lot of pork and it is very tender, and the fragrance of the nine-story tower is delicious enough~ The fries are crispy and fragrant just out of the oven, the milk tea is fragrant, and the five-star praise recommends everyone 👍🏻
吳清達 on Google

The flour omelette Q bomb is delicious, the hamburger is thickly sliced ​​with pork and cheese, and the service attitude is good
湘湘 on Google

超好吃的早餐店,蛋餅餅皮很獨特跟外面吃到的口味不一樣,很脆很香很好吃…. 😋😋 鍋燒意麵湯頭也很恰當好處,薯條、魷魚炸物類的也很強,夠脆不油,加上老闆的獨特醬料…👍👍👍 老闆及老闆娘也都很親切唷~ 非常推薦給大家,很優質的一間早午餐店
Super delicious breakfast shop, the egg pie crust is very unique and different from the taste outside, very crispy, fragrant and delicious.... 😋😋 The pot roast spaghetti soup is also very good and good. The french fries and squid fried things are also very strong, crispy and not oily, plus the boss's unique sauce...👍👍👍 The boss and the lady boss are also very kind~ Very recommended to everyone, a very high-quality brunch restaurant

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