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81463, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Renwu District, Chiren Rd, 206號高麗·菜韓式料理

電話 : 📞 +887799
網站 : https://fb.me/GaolicaiBBQ
城市 : Chiren Rd

81463, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Renwu District, Chiren Rd, 206號高麗·菜韓式料理
Lily on Google

好吃,但熱茶跟衛生紙都放在固定的位置起身拿 有點不方便
It’s delicious, but the hot tea and toilet paper are placed in a fixed position, get up and take it A little inconvenient
Suki on Google

這間店的服務非常不ok 晚餐時段約7:30分打去訂餐 接電話人員告知現場人多 餐點最少要等一個小時以上 我們說沒關係可以等 8:30會再打電話確認餐點是否完成 店家留了電話後就掛了 等到8:30打去店家詢問是否已完成餐點 店家回覆說餐點已做好一段時間了 我們就馬上去拿了 拿到的餐點全部都是冷的 再次詢問做好多久了 卻回覆5分鐘前才做好(說謊? 回家後打開餐點煎餅一股油耗味 紙盒已吸滿油 以上我覺得一開始店家說要等一小時以上 中途如果提前好了不是應該聯絡一下嗎 最誇張的是店家為何要說謊 電話說已做好一陣子 現場卻說5分鐘前(餐點都是冷的) 這樣的服務態度 就算東西真的好吃 我也不會再去第二次 ❌針對店家的回覆我只能說做生意請老實 1、我很確定您們說‘最少’要一個小時以上 2、我那時是和您確認是否8:30打電話去確認(我也打了並非未打) 3、電話中明明說做好一陣子了,為何現場確認卻告知5分鐘前才做好?
The service in this shop is very bad Call to order at about 7:30 during dinner time The person answering the phone informs the scene that there are many people Wait at least an hour for the meal We said it's okay to wait 8:30 will call again to confirm whether the meal is complete The shopkeeper hung up after leaving a phone call Wait until 8:30 and call the store to ask if the meal is finished The owner replied that the meal has been ready for a while we'll get it right away All meals were served cold Ask again how long But the reply was done 5 minutes ago (lie? When I got home, I opened the meal and the pancakes smelled of oil. The carton is full of oil Above, I think at first the store said it would take more than an hour to wait. Shouldn't I contact you if it's ready in advance? The most exaggerated is why the store owner lied The phone said it's been done for a while The scene said 5 minutes ago (the meals were all cold) Such a service attitude Even if the food is really delicious I won't go there again ❌ Regarding the reply from the store owner, I can only say to be honest when doing business 1. I'm pretty sure it takes more than an hour for you to say 'minimum' 2. At that time, I was checking with you whether I called at 8:30 to confirm (I also called, not not called) 3. It was clearly stated on the phone that it had been done for a while, but why did the on-site confirmation tell you that it was done 5 minutes ago?
吳紹華 on Google

雙人套餐超級飽 部隊鍋、石鍋拌飯、海鮮煎餅 還有三道小菜, 上菜速度也很快,海鮮煎餅最讚💕🥁
Super full meal for two Troop pot, bibimbap, seafood pancake There are three side dishes, The serving speed is also very fast, the seafood pancake is the best 💕🥁
李政曄 on Google

一間好吃的韓式料理餐廳~ 不敢說口味有多道地,但可供選擇的餐點種類真的很多!人員也很親切整體用餐環境跟氛圍也相當不錯😌 是ㄧ間值得推薦好吃的韓式料理唷!
A delicious Korean restaurant I can't say how authentic the taste is, but there are really many types of meals to choose from! The staff is also very friendly and the overall dining environment and atmosphere are quite good 😌 It is a delicious Korean food that is worth recommending!
黃靜涵 on Google

第一次來吃,就直接納入口袋名單 每道料理都很美味且豐富,份量很大適合多人聚餐 雖然剛開始的上菜等了很久😖😖 但後來的餐點很快就都上完了,想拍美食照的很適合可以食物都熱騰騰的全部大合照。 服務方面店員都很客氣,雖然因為忙碌有不小心上錯餐,但老闆娘很大方直接招待餐點,梅花🐷一份 覺得小確幸❤️
The first time you come to eat, it will be directly included in the pocket list Each dish is delicious and plentiful, and the portions are large enough for a group meal Although it took a long time for the food to be served at the beginning 😖😖 But then the meals were all finished quickly, and it is very suitable for those who want to take food photos to take all the big group photos with hot food. In terms of service, the clerks are very polite. Although they accidentally served the wrong meal because of being busy, the proprietress was very generous and served the meal directly. Plum Blossom 🐷 One serving Feel so lucky ❤️
Joe Lucky on Google

The barbecued meat is not too seasoned, not greasy, the seafood pancake is rich in ingredients, the skin is crispy, and the cheese tastes. The proprietress carefully prepares non-spicy rice soup and fried noodles for the children. All meals are very tasty. .
Vina Wu on Google

The waiter was very cute and polite. After eating Ban Niang, she also eagerly asked if she was full. She was very enthusiastic. The seafood pancakes are large in size but fried too much and have a Kao Jiao taste. They are thick-skinned pancakes, but they can't eat any seafood. The beef and kelp tofu soup (not spicy) is light and refreshing. The side dishes with heavy flavors are just right. The ramen used for the sauce noodle body is very personal preference. After eating the three dishes, I like this one the most. Guests are advised to make an appointment or they will not be able to eat it.
Wenhsiang Su on Google

Not bad!

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