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807, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Sanmin District, Xinmin Rd, 172號吉品高雄脆皮肉圓

電話 : 📞 +8878
網站 : https://www.facebook.com/yummykillerbawan/
城市 : Xinmin Rd
Description : Long-running food stand supplying handcrafted meatballs, rice cakes & other homestyle fare.

807, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Sanmin District, Xinmin Rd, 172號吉品高雄脆皮肉圓
Shan Liu on Google

第一次來光顧,以為份量和苓雅油煎肉圓一樣小所以點了3顆,老闆好心的問我是不是第一次來,建議先點兩顆就好,果然份量不小! 使用少油煎的,所以外皮沒有很酥脆,但是餡料蠻豐富的,整體來講是好吃的肉圓。所有商品都是$35 ,又有清湯提供享用,可惜今天只有原味肉圓,下次再來品嚐其他口味肉圓。
I came here for the first time. I thought the serving size was as small as Lingya's fried meatballs, so I ordered 3 pieces. The boss kindly asked me if it was my first time. It is recommended to order two pieces first. The serving size is not small! Use less fried, so the outer skin is not very crispy, but the filling is quite rich, overall it is delicious meatballs. All the products are $35, and there is a clear soup to enjoy, but unfortunately there are only original meatballs today, and I will try other meatballs next time.
老杯杯(我ㄟ) on Google

吃過後覺得驚艷 超好吃的 外皮酥脆 內餡料多又實在 可惜還沒有吃到每日限量的口味 下次再來吃 就是排隊需要有耐心喔 一定值得的👍👍👍👍👍
After eating, I felt amazing and super delicious. The outer skin is crispy and the fillings are too much. It is a pity that I have not eaten the daily limited flavor. Next time I will eat it again. You need to be patient in the queue. It must be worth it👍👍👍👍👍
黃阿啾 on Google

在地人的名店 脆皮肉圓 以肉圓而言 皮好吃 內料豐富 (可能初次到來 不太會調整醬汁)🥲 四神湯一般 但提供的醬料很多 香菜、辣椒、肉圓辣椒、蒜沫 相信可以變化出自定義的專屬肉圓 整體而言 推薦一試
Local Famous Store Crispy Meatballs In terms of meatballs, the skin is delicious and the ingredients are rich (Maybe it’s the first time I’m here, I don’t know how to adjust the sauce) 🥲 Sishen soup in general But there are a lot of sauces on offer Coriander, Chili, Meatball Chili, Minced Garlic I believe that it is possible to change the customized exclusive meatballs Overall recommend to try
Esther H. C on Google

非常好吃,平價的美食! 店面不起眼,可是走過路過千萬不可以錯過的美味! 本人對於清蒸肉圓其實興趣缺缺,但是這間煎炸的脆皮肉圓卻意外成為我的心頭好。皮真的煎到恰恰,裡面的肉味道好,沒有腥味+肥肉,搭配裡面不確定是不是荸薺還是豆薯的配菜意外的帶出不同的口感,搭配上醬料還有辣椒(真誠建議喜愛辣椒的捧油不要錯過,香是絕對香,辣也是絕對辣🤭🤭🤭)即使現在萬物齊漲,老闆也僅僅把價錢從35調漲到38,人客啊!大家看看是不是很佛心!而且每一顆都跟一個碗的大小一樣啊!
Very tasty, affordable food! The store is unremarkable, but it is delicious that you must not miss when you pass by! I actually have no interest in steamed meatballs, but this fried crispy meatballs unexpectedly became my favorite. The skin is really fried to the right, the meat inside tastes good, there is no fishy smell + fatty meat, and it is not sure whether it is water chestnut or jicama. It is recommended not to miss the oil that loves chili peppers, the fragrance is absolutely fragrant, and the spicy is also absolutely spicy 🤭🤭🤭) Even now everything is rising, the boss just raised the price from 35 to 38, people and customers! Let's see if it's very Buddhist! And each one is the same size as a bowl!
Huiyu Hsu on Google

肉圓米糕及四神湯都是38/個 外帶可以先打電話(好像忘了我的單,多等10分鐘),現場排隊應該要等差不多30分鐘 肉圓應該算是半煎炸,皮脆好吃 四神湯的湯可以續加,很香但是喝起來普普 米糕我也覺得普普通通~ 內用也是要先排隊點餐再入座唷 附近汽車的話不太好停 內用環境一般般,有冷氣👍
Meatball Rice Cake and Sishen Soup are both 38/pc You can call first for take-out (it seems that I forgot my order and waited 10 minutes more), and it should take about 30 minutes to wait in line at the scene The meatballs should be considered half-fried, the skin is crispy and delicious The soup of Sishen Tang can be added, it is very fragrant but tastes good I also think rice cakes are normal~ For internal use, you have to queue up to order before taking a seat. It is not easy to park if there is a car nearby The internal environment is average, with air-conditioning 👍
PHAN QUANG ANH 2016 on Google

Johanna Cheng on Google

Tina Pickford (Ting Ting 婷婷) on Google

The most delicious rouyuan in the whole of Taiwan. I really mean it. Rouyuan is a wrapping of glutinous sweet potato flour with meat inside. This is one of the only places in Taiwan that you can eat pan fried rouyuan and I just love the crispy outside. A serving is only 65nt and it's huge, enough to fill me up for lunch. Condiments like crushed garlic, chilli and coriander are free as is the soup.

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