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981, Taiwan, Hualien County, Yuli Township, Guangfu Rd, 192號自由行租車行

電話 : 📞 +888887879
網站 : http://car.emoney.com.tw/index.html
城市 : Guangfu Rd

981, Taiwan, Hualien County, Yuli Township, Guangfu Rd, 192號自由行租車行
Jason on Google

Bicycles are easy to ride, and you can also borrow locks. Because the forgotten items were on the basket, the store staff immediately went to the train station when they found it. Thank you.
Ru on Google

I made a reservation five days in advance. On the phone, the female clerk repeatedly confirmed that the registration was completed and left the phone number and surname. However, when she arrived at the scene, she found that there was no registration information. The female clerk also blamed the customer... How is it?" During the process, the female clerk and the boss did not apologize at all! The handling method and attitude are totally different!
Annachen陳品卉 on Google

The car is in good condition, the car is delivered quickly and the price is reasonable. The store is very considerate to provide lightweight raincoats, full-fuel cars, and helmets with secondary linings~ great! The location is very convenient in front left of Yuli Station
陳宥如 on Google

The bicycle costs 100 yuan for 5 hours, which is cheap and easy to ride, and it is worth it! Luggage can be stored, and the proprietress is very kind to guide the way.
邱昀星 on Google

The car is well maintained, and the ride is very smooth and comfortable. The helmet is also equipped with a thoughtful hat pad, which makes people feel clean. There is also a light raincoat in the car, which is very convenient. Recommend!
Osmond Hsish on Google

這次騎的車很新,十分滿意。 原本要租兩個整天, 家裡臨時有事情,變成只租一天6小時, 老闆居然主動跟退錢,蠻溫暖的。
The bike is brand new this time, and I am very satisfied. It was originally going to be rented for two full days. There is a temporary business at home, and it becomes only rented for 6 hours a day, The boss actually took the initiative to refund the money, which is quite warm.
Masio M on Google

The car is in good condition, and riding on the mountain road is no problem. The storage box of the car introduced by the clerk has quite a lot of space and looks good. It is very considerate to provide a light raincoat and a disposable helmet lining. In addition, the car has been filled with gas first. You can go directly without it. Go to the gas station again. The staff is friendly and the location is very convenient next to the station. I recommend everyone to rent a car here.
在在Miciowl on Google

出玉里火車站,往左前方看就能明顯找到的租車行。 1. 現場租機車400元/天,視車款有更便宜的費用,筆者當天租借只剩400元的款式。 2. 機車安全帽重視衛生,會在帽內放免洗拋棄式內襯套👍 3. 提供輕便雨衣,3人租借2車,有3件,沒使用,留在車箱給下位客人即可👍 4. 服務員親切,提醒客人做拍車身的紀錄保障彼此,停車必「立中柱」,斜停會有車倒,刮車身的風險。 5. 機車鑰匙串有提供重點資訊,如:機車加什麼油、商家電話。 6. 臨近加油站⛽️,如租借的機車油不足(上位客人沒剩油),店面外往左轉,車程不到2分鐘的距離,即能加油! 筆者當天騎往金剛大道,單趟公里數約34.8公里,來回的里程數較長,油量加約1-2公升即可,當天筆者加3公升(90元)油量過多,提供給精打細算的朋友們參考😊 當天筆者家租借的機車品牌 1. 三葉YAMAHA Jog 2. 光陽KYMCO GP125 租借於2022.03.05(六)
When you get out of Yuli Railway Station, look forward to the left and you will find the car rental office. 1. On-site rental of locomotives is 400 yuan/day, depending on the model of the car, there are cheaper fees. The author only rented the 400 yuan model that day. 2. The motorcycle helmet attaches great importance to hygiene, and will put a disposable disposable inner liner in the hat👍 3. Provide light raincoats, 3 people rent 2 cars, 3 pieces are not used, just leave them in the car box for the next guest👍 4. The waiter is kind and reminds the guests to make a record of the car body to protect each other. When parking, the car must "stand upright", and there is a risk of the car backing up and scraping the car body when parked diagonally. 5. The locomotive keychain provides key information, such as: what fuel the locomotive needs, and the business phone number. 6. Near the gas station⛽️, if the rented locomotive is not enough (the upper customer has no fuel left), turn left outside the store, and the drive is less than 2 minutes away, you can refuel! The author rode to King Kong Avenue on the same day, and the one-way mileage was about 34.8 kilometers. The round-trip mileage was long, and the fuel volume was about 1-2 liters. On the same day, the author added 3 liters (90 yuan) of fuel. Friends for reference 😊 The brand of locomotive rented by the author's house that day 1. Mitsuha Yamaha Jog 2. Gwangyang KYMCO GP125 Loaned on 2022.03.05 (Sat)

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