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凱統廚具·系統櫥櫃 號 No, No. 21, Lane 15, Zizhi St, Fengshan District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 830

電話 : 📞 +88777
網站 : http://blog.xuite.net/kaitong7400007/twblog
城市 : Kaohsiung City

凱統廚具·系統櫥櫃 號 No, No. 21, Lane 15, Zizhi St, Fengshan District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 830
Chì-liông Iâu on Google

All kinds of utensils, kitchen utensils, system cabinets..., can be tailor-made, the focus is on convenience, noble and not expensive...
藍米拉 on Google

設計廚具的老闆娘很敬業 報價寫報價單清楚(尺寸材質)加繪施工草圖
The proprietress who designed the kitchen utensils is very dedicated.
Kc Chen on Google

對貴公司強力讚賞喔! 床工場生活館。床墊工廠 讚許。給您們非常滿意,我們一起為當地鄉親盡ㄧ份力,好的服務態度品質/有責任的團隊,當然要不吝嗇給予表揚。 床工場生活館。給您們100讚。床墊工廠 讚許。
Strong appreciation for your company! Bed workshop living hall. Mattress factory thumbs up. I am very satisfied with you. We will do our part for the local folks together. Of course, we must not be stingy in giving praise to the good service attitude and quality/responsible team. Bed workshop living hall. Give you 100 likes. Mattress factory thumbs up.
PSun T on Google

Before passing to see, not easy to find in the alley, no reservation site did not show the usual not turn on the lights, but the scene just have to turn on the lights we go to see the teacher, the kind of general attitude neither good nor bad, the system cabinet looks texture not bad, but after asking, they say take a small case, kitchenware size is too small not to take the case, it is over.
張志文 on Google

於4/6早上拆、下午就裝好了,施工迅速工法熟練,因事後有另外請廠商來裝上下櫃中間的玻璃,廠商把排油煙機拆下 裝完玻璃後,再裝上排油煙機時 始終無法把排油煙機調整到正確位置,經再次連絡凱統廚具,凱統再次派員至府上調整完成,售後服務沒話說,下次有親友要更新廚具一定會推薦凱統廚具
It was disassembled on the morning of 4/6 and installed in the afternoon. The construction method was quick and skilled. Afterwards, another manufacturer was asked to install the glass in the middle of the upper and lower cabinets. The manufacturer removed the exhaust hood and installed the glass, and then installed the exhaust hood. I ca n’t adjust the range hood to the correct position. After contacting Kaitong Kitchenware again, Kaitong dispatched staff to the house again to complete the adjustment. After-sales service has nothing to say, next time relatives and friends want to update the kitchenware, Kaitong Kitchenware will be recommended.
AR C on Google

The price is affordable, and the service staff is cordial and the quotation is confirmed. The designer measured and installed the master on time and carefully, and feels good
莊凱淋 on Google

系統櫃剛貼就掉皮 鏡櫃還倒下來 連絡他們半年多都沒來處理 真的很爛
The system cabinet peels off as soon as it is attached The mirror cabinet is down I contacted them for more than half a year and didn't come to deal with it. really sucks
wen eva on Google

The boss is very good, my kitchen utensils and living room cabinets, dining cabinets, and shoe cabinets are all designed by the boss, but some details still need to be strengthened. Generally, the work is not bad, and the price will not be very expensive.

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