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807, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Sanmin District, Changming St, 197號大林電子

電話 : 📞 +887
網站 : https://www.pcstore.com.tw/dalin/
城市 : Changming St

807, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Sanmin District, Changming St, 197號大林電子
陳萱 on Google

Dalin Electronic Service is very good and the price is reasonable. This time I went to find the headset and walkie-talkie, and the membership price is more favorable.
許鈞智 on Google

服務很好!商品齊全⋯ 服務人員也相當專業而且很有耐心! 也曾麻煩網路部寄商品,速度很快⋯ 有問題請教都會得到專業的答案!
The service was excellent! Goods are complete... The staff are also very professional and patient! I have also troubled the Internet Department to send the goods, and the speed is very fast... If you have any questions, you will get professional answers!
許阿嘉 on Google

售後服務冷淡 在這家店 買了一支小型研磨電動工具 價格好像將近$4000還是4000多忘記了 研磨工具夾頭壞掉了 我拿壞掉的電動工具和夾頭 去到購買的這家店 說我這個運動工具 在你們這邊買的 夾頭壞了 要買這個夾頭 連續問兩個人 他們只回答一句 沒有在賣 就不理我了 今天在情在理 應該是說 我們沒在賣 但是我幫你 問廠家有沒有賣這夾頭 這樣才是服務的基本 連這種基本沒有 所以我給你們一顆星 建議大家要買任何商品 要看店家 有沒有售後服務好品質及態度 不要再購買之前服務態度熱誠 售後服務卻冷淡 謝謝 好的 既然你這樣說 就給你們 一次服務的機會 在你們這邊買的電動研磨器 調速壞掉了 今天111年1月4號下午 有拿這一隻研磨器 到貴店送修 服務還OK 所以再加一顆心 等送修回來 完成後 看過程怎樣 再另外加減評價 謝謝 修理的時間太長半個多月 還要打電話去催促 所以評價回到當初一顆心謝謝
Cold after-sales service I bought a small grinding power tool at this store. The price seems to be close to $4000 or more than 4000. I forgot that the grinding tool chuck was broken. I took the broken power tool and the chuck and went to the store where I bought it and said I was a sports tool. The chuck you bought on your side is broken. I want to buy this chuck and ask two people in a row. They only answer that they are not selling and ignore me. Today, it is reasonable to say that we are not selling, but I will help you ask the manufacturer if there is any I don't sell this chuck, that's the basic service, and there's no such thing, so I'll give you one star It is recommended that you buy any product. It depends on whether the store has good after-sales service and good quality and attitude. Don't buy it again. Okay, since you said that, I will give you a chance to serve you. The speed regulation of the electric grinder you bought from your side is broken. Today, on the afternoon of January 4th, 111, I took this grinder to your store for repair and the service is still OK. So Add a heart and wait for it to be repaired. After the repair is completed, I will see how the process will be added and subtracted. Thank you The repair time is too long for more than half a month, and I have to call to urge it, so the evaluation is back to the original one, thank you
郭明哲 on Google

你們的客人停車停的歪七扭八的,嚴重影響其他用路人的使用權,不說收費停車場,沿路明明就是還有空位,硬要停在門口,停一堆。 今天早上6/2 10:58門口那台白車,連另外一台小客車要過都很難,整條路就給你家塞。 客人要教育的好嗎? 低聲下去的做生意不顯得狼狽嗎?
Your guests' parking is crooked, which seriously affects the use rights of other passers-by. Not to mention the toll parking lot, there are still vacancies along the road. This morning at 10:58 on 6/2 this morning, the white car at the gate is difficult for even another small passenger car to pass, and the whole road will be blocked for your house. Does the guest want to be educated? Doesn't it seem embarrassing to do business in a low voice?
李阿金 on Google

2/22下午至貴店購買馬達材料,選購相關配件,人員告知線材在外面,需要剪裁在告知我們,走到門外挑選適合線材時,當下有位小姐立馬衝出來說,你手上東西還沒結帳⋯⋯⋯ 顧櫃檯店員真的很盡責,但真的反應太過頭了 若是要偷東西誰會拿在手上,讓你看到走出去? 要偷也會藏起來,怎麼可能會讓你看到, 拜託!動一下大腦,線材跟接頭沒有比一下 怎麼會知道有沒有合適 接頭、熱縮套、線材全部也才50元 買個幾拾元商品被當成賊 感受真的非常差勁 請勿把每位客人都當成賊!!! 請勿把每位客人都當成賊!!! 請勿把每位客人都當成賊!!! 商品總類很齊全,服務也很好 但應答與邏輯真的很差。
On the afternoon of 2/22, I went to your store to buy motor materials and related accessories. The staff told us that the wires were outside and needed to be cut. When I walked outside the door to select suitable wires, a young lady immediately rushed out and said that you have nothing in your hand. checkout... Gu, the clerk at the counter is really conscientious, but really overreacted If you want to steal something, who will take it and let you see it and go out? If you want to steal, you will hide it, how can you see it, please! Move your brain, there is no comparison between the wire and the connector How do you know if it is suitable Connectors, heat shrink sleeves, and wires are all only 50 yuan Buying a few tens of dollars of goods is regarded as a thief feel really bad Don't treat every guest like a thief! ! ! Don't treat every guest like a thief! ! ! Don't treat every guest like a thief! ! ! The product category is very complete, and the service is also very good But the answer and logic are really poor.
Jeff Ng on Google

meiemiv on Google

服務非常優質,解說也很親切,而且我都只講個大概服務人員馬上就幫我找到需要的產品了!消費還可以辦理會員,之後來採買都會有折扣。 服務做的好,難怪整條長明街的批發就是大林電子生意最好!施工或是自用需要用到監視器也可以來這裡買,價格美品質又有保障! 這次去買了雲端監視器,還有app可以用,拿來裝在辦公室超方便,可以收音+對講,畫質也很清楚!推薦推薦!
Gary on Google

Clerk is professional. I asked about net tv queation, they can actively give good suggestion.

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