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71755, Taiwan, Tainan City, Rende District, Section 1, Erren Rd, 321號臺南‧家具產業博物館

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71755, Taiwan, Tainan City, Rende District, Section 1, Erren Rd, 321號臺南‧家具產業博物館
劉家昇 on Google

Suitable for parent-child and group visits, the Mazu seat of the Grand Tianhou Palace in the museum is a must-see highlight
鄭朝霞 on Google

On November 18, 2021, it was outdoor teaching. I went to the Furniture Museum to visit furniture, listen to the guide commentary, and expand the speakers with my mobile phone. I was very happy

The venue is wide and the air-conditioning is cold, and the kid Diy has a great time playing. The lady at the counter is very kind and will try her best to help the child complete the work. The content on display in the rear venue is very interesting, watch it slowly, do it slowly, and spend three or four hours of happy time.
sandytsai 26 on Google

週末台南市民參觀免費!!平日門票則可折抵消費。門口就有不少停車位,停車方便,不用停車費。 有優秀的免費導覽,跟著導覽可以進去自由參觀禁入的場域,也能瞭解整個產業跟重要的物件,導覽老師很有熱忱口條也蠻好的,導覽時間大約一小時,覺得很值得。 展區有少數互動式展件可以聞或操作,小孩玩得很開心~ 後面的廠房還有在運作生產,算是活著的博物館,雖然展覽看起來都是常設展,應該不太會更動展品,但願意把部分廠房改爲學習、參觀的空間真的很用心! 樓上還有木作教室,有長期課,當天蠻多學員的。 仁東之森跟南博one 的集章都在門口。
Free admission for Tainan citizens on weekends! ! Tickets on weekdays can be discounted for consumption. There are a lot of parking spaces at the door, parking is convenient, no parking fee. There are excellent free guided tours. Following the guided tours, you can freely visit the forbidden areas, and you can also learn about the entire industry and important objects. The guide teachers are very enthusiastic and the slogans are pretty good. The tour time is about one hour. I think it's worth it. There are a few interactive exhibits in the exhibition area that can be smelled or manipulated, and children have a great time~ The factory behind is still in operation and production, which is considered to be a living museum. Although the exhibitions seem to be permanent exhibitions, they should not be able to change the exhibits, but I am willing to change some of the factories into learning and visiting spaces. It is really hard! There is also a woodworking classroom upstairs, with long-term classes, and there are quite a lot of students that day. The collections of Rendong’s Forest and Nanbo One are at the door.
吳建達 on Google

There are not many people. In the afternoon, there is a guided tour to see the ancient baby seat, which can even be transformed into a baby stroller~
regina fang on Google

During the Chinese New Year, the visit was empty. When I wanted to turn around and leave, I saw a motorcycle riding in. It must be a staff member?! Going to enter a unique place, the carpenter's ingenuity and the wisdom of the ancestors were carefully explained by the guide lady. The furniture guide is very good, but unfortunately there are a few museums that have not yet opened. The museum space is large and airy and comfortable. The stay time is about 1 hour.
許宏凱 on Google

三代傳承的木業世家,三代很認真的想從多方面嘗試傳承工藝,但學徒制或私塾制對於現在的人來說,已經不是可行的方式了,轉型成魯班學堂,做工作坊課程讓有興趣的人可以從簡單的課程中入手,再慢慢培養興趣,是個很好的嘗試。 裡面每一件家具都是工匠師傅不厭其煩的實驗才做成的心血,每一件都值得好好細細觀察,做重要的是要試用這些家具,每件有弧形看起來卻又是一體成型的椅子,做起來都非常舒適。 展場也好,成品展也好,都是一看就會想入手的家具,若有時間還可以到他們的工廠看師傅現場製作的過程,儘管只是看到工廠,都能看到他們對於自己設計製作之家具的用心及努力。
The three generations of a family of wood industry, the three generations are serious about trying to inherit the craftsmanship in many ways, but the apprenticeship or private school system is no longer a feasible way for today's people. Interested people can start with simple courses and gradually develop their interests. It is a good attempt. Every piece of furniture in it is the painstaking work of the craftsman's tireless experimentation. Each piece is worthy of careful observation. The most important thing to do is to try these pieces of furniture. The chairs are very comfortable to make. No matter the exhibition venue or the finished product exhibition, they are all furniture that you will want to buy when you see them. If you have time, you can go to their factory to watch the production process of the master on the spot. Even if you only see the factory, you can see what they have for themselves. The intention and effort of designing and making furniture.
Michael Lam on Google

This museum shows how furnitures are being made. Have workshops that kids can join making small furnitures that you can bring home. You can easily spend half a day here.

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