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722, Taiwan, Tainan City, Jiali District, Xinsheng Rd, 309號韓國屋

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城市 : Xinsheng Rd

722, Taiwan, Tainan City, Jiali District, Xinsheng Rd, 309號韓國屋
陳卿卿 on Google

When opening a restaurant, it is basic to serve meals correctly, right? The take-out seafood pancakes do not come with sauce. I called and asked, and they would only tell me not to be so fierce, saying that it was not intentional, and there was no apology? At the beginning, he said that he would help me make it up, but when he heard that he didn't live in Jiali District, he changed his mind and said that he would invite me for a copy next time. For a shop of your quality, do you think I will give you the next chance?
YC S on Google

原文:以這個價位我覺得CP值算高了 韓式拌飯跟海鮮煎餅都好好吃 但湯的海帶一堆被蟲咬過的洞看了會怕 希望可以挑一下😢😢 更新: 我下次去會拍照,我不是太能理解業主給的原因 那海帶芽幾乎每片中間都有洞,看起來不是被蟲咬就是被魚蝦咬過,不是不規則形狀,是洞,因為我第一次看到長這樣的海帶芽湯所以才會疑惑,即使是天然的難道不該挑一下嗎? 品質好的海帶芽不會有孔洞或是不規則破損 這網路上寫的不是我說的😅😅
Original: At this price, I think the CP value is too high Bibimbap and seafood pancakes are delicious But the kelp in the soup has a pile of holes that have been bitten by insects, and it will be scary to see Hope you can pick it up 😢😢 renew: I will take pictures next time I go, I don't quite understand the reason given by the owner The kelp buds have holes in the middle of almost every piece. It looks like they have been bitten by insects or fish and shrimp. They are not irregular shapes, but holes. Because it was the first time I saw kelp sprouts soup like this, I was puzzled. Even if it's natural, shouldn't it be picked? Good quality kelp buds will not have holes or irregular breakage What is written on the Internet is not what I said 😅😅
無名氏 on Google

很貴,菜色也很普通,一成不變 雖然說是為了調整台灣人的口味 但不能真的稱為韓式料理 況且可能因為太忙的關係 很多時候對客人的態度都有些急躁且有點大聲 價格就是一直漲東西一直不變甚至一直減少 泡菜也是越來越少 不是韓式料理嗎 泡菜給那麼少給螞蟻吃啊
It's expensive, the dishes are also very ordinary, the same Although it is said to adjust the taste of Taiwanese But it can't really be called Korean food Besides, maybe because of being too busy A lot of times the attitude towards the guests is a bit impatient and a bit loud Prices keep going up, things stay the same, or even decrease Kimchi is also less and less Isn't it Korean food? So little kimchi for ants to eat
Xun on Google

便當實在沒什麼特色 一堆肉而且普普 韓式泡菜也不夠味 其它就是銀豆芽也沒什麼味道 本來很期待的😐 整體沒什麼特色 價格偏貴
The bento is really nothing special, a bunch of meat and popular Korean kimchi is not flavorful, but the silver bean sprouts are not flavorful. I was looking forward to it 😐 The overall price is too expensive
蔡治靜 on Google

I have ordered seafood pancakes so many times. Although I think there is less and less seafood and vegetables, it is still acceptable. I will buy it today. Apart from the price increase, this material is really pitiful. 90% of them are eating flour...
陳默 on Google

海鮮蔬菜煎餅,麵糊比例太高,滿滿麵粉味。 石鍋拌飯味道偏淡
Seafood vegetable pancake, the batter ratio is too high, full of floury flavor. Bibimbap tastes mild
Lily Chen on Google

Bibimbap is 130 per serving. It has kimchi and spicy sauce. It tastes good enough. It is delicious. You can try other things in the second visit.
許嘉文 on Google


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