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80265, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Lingya District, Guangzhou 1st St, 147號里仁 -苓雅文化店

電話 : 📞 +887978
Postal code : 1
網站 : https://www.leezen.com.tw/
城市 : st St

80265, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Lingya District, Guangzhou 1st St, 147號里仁 -苓雅文化店
方捷 on Google

Less stuff than other branches
王美滿幸福 on Google

Very warm shopping space, the service staff are polite, caring and pay attention to buying habits and give reminders.
侯勝興 on Google

I often buy food supplies at Liren Cultural Store, because the food on the counter has been checked for quality, and there are few chemical licks.
鍾瑞珍 on Google

有次星期天趕著出門,想說就近繞過去文化店買個黑糯米及一些好物產送人,9:58到想說10:00就開門了,等到10:08仍不見開門~~ 我對里仁印象很好,喜歡里仁,常在此消費⋯,從管理的角度⋯員工或許有很多晚到的可能因素,但也許可能的小事就成了影響深遠的大事~~ 除此之外文化店還是很棒的,資深員工專業、親切,銷售的商品有幫消費者顧好品質,讓人信任,舉凡清醬油、煎炸用的黃豆油、虎尾花生、黑芝麻、白芝麻、芝麻醬、紅藜、腰果、薑、豆腐⋯都是我的最愛,用好鄰居來形容應該不為過! 喜歡做飯可以讓家人健康,每每吃外面餐食,心裏都會有一種鹹、多油、不健康的空虛感,即便在家簡單吃都很踏實,如果精打細算,會發現里仁有不少食材還真是一時之選! #家裡多出的紙袋還可以分享給里仁,覺得可以為環保盡分心力! #目前買到的地雷有高優活DIY優格粉!
I rushed out on Sunday and wanted to say that I would walk around the cultural store to buy black glutinous rice and some good products as a gift. The door was opened from 9:58 to 10:00, and the door was not opened until 10:08~~ I have a very good impression of Liren, I like Liren, and I often consume here... From a management perspective... There may be many possible factors for employees to arrive late, but perhaps the small things that are possible have become big and far-reaching events~~ In addition, the cultural store is still very good. The senior staff are professional and kind. The products sold can help consumers care about the quality and make people trust, such as clear soy sauce, soybean oil for frying, tiger tail peanuts, black sesame, and white. Sesame, tahini, red quinoa, cashews, ginger, tofu... are all my favorites. It shouldn't be an exaggeration to describe it as a good neighbor! Like cooking can make the family healthy. Every time you eat outside meals, you will feel a salty, oily, and unhealthy feeling of emptiness. Even if you eat at home, it is very practical. If you plan carefully, you will find that there are a lot of ingredients in Linren. selected! #The extra paper bags at home can also be shared with Liren. I think I can do my best to protect the environment! #The mines currently bought have high-quality DIY yogurt powder!
陳靜玉 on Google

The store has a wide variety of goods, rich and complete, the service staff is kind and polite, and shopping is very safe and convenient
黃長吉 on Google

Opposite the first street in Guangzhou is the Cultural Center, which specializes in organic sparse vegetables and plants for free purchase.
方大頭 on Google

Chen Ourway on Google

All vegetarian products and fresh vegan ingredients.

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