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813, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Zuoying District, Zuoying Ave, 58-3號正忠排骨飯左營店

電話 : 📞 +887889
網站 : http://www.jengjong.tw/index.php
城市 : Zuoying Ave

813, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Zuoying District, Zuoying Ave, 58-3號正忠排骨飯左營店
na Li on Google

Can the attitude and tone of the white-haired auntie be not so bad? ? After paying the bill, I was waiting next to me to choose the dishes, but I just took a little slower to get the order list for her, and I became impatient. I waited for a long time for you to help me pick the dishes; I remember the attitude of the previous employees was very Okay, the attitude of the aunt who is like the checkout is very good! !
毅炫建築工程設計工作室 on Google

The signature pork ribs rice is delicious, the price is a bit close to the people, it is not too expensive if you say it is expensive, and other bento flavors are also quite good. The only minor drawback is that the appetite is reduced a lot, and people who eat a lot of food.. It is enough to eat more.. Workers may feel that they are not full. The dishes are Ok, but there is too much oil and water.. It is less healthy to eat. Come on ^^
陣內 on Google

What about a bunch of short hair on the fried chicken drumstick rice I bought at noon today (6/9)? I ordered chicken thigh rice, not chicken plucked rice 😑😑😑
展國通 on Google

跟市區的比這菜量真的太寒酸。 辣蘿蔔 也不見了😫😫😫 這間可以跳過了。
Compared with the urban area, the amount of this dish is really too shabby. Spicy radish is gone too 😫😫😫 This one can be skipped.
文小慧 on Google

那位夾菜的阿姨,拜託妳用點心聽客人講什麼好嗎?在夾菜時,加菜的便當已經明確跟妳說是哪個主菜(請她放那盒),結果,妳還是用錯,這就算了!被誤加菜的那盒,妳的主菜還隨便用丟的進去餐盒,請妳分開用紙袋裝,還被說會醬會被沾到(?)宮保雞丁到底是能有什麼醬能沾到紙袋?昨天排骨裝紙袋就不會沾到,今天便當到妳手上就會沾到?該店的員工教育訓練是不是需要再加強一下?!到底是買便當還是買氣受?? 另外,麻婆豆腐不新鮮,有臭酸的味道,另人難以下嚥⋯⋯
Auntie who picks up vegetables, can you please listen to what the guests say with a snack? When picking up the dishes, the bento that added the dishes has clearly told you which main dish it is (please put the box in it). As a result, you still used the wrong one, so forget it! For the box that was added by mistake, your main dish was also put into the lunch box with the discarded main dish. Please separate it in paper bags. It was also said that the sauce would be stained. (?) What kind of sauce can the Gongbao chicken To the paper bag? Yesterday the ribs would not be stained when they were in a paper bag, but they would be stained on your hands today? Does the store’s employee education and training need to be strengthened? ! Should I buy a lunch box or just buy it? ? In addition, Mapo tofu is not fresh and has a sour taste, making it difficult for people to swallow...
chester on Google

Helder Reis on Google

Must ask the food you want, not self service.
Shihho Yu on Google

Fried pork cutlet bento with 3 delicious side dishes for $70 NTD.

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