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830, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Fengshan District, Nanjiang St, 122號五甲二路興鴻鋁門窗

電話 : 📞 +8898
網站 : http://www.juanglin.com.tw/
城市 : Nanjiang St

830, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Fengshan District, Nanjiang St, 122號五甲二路興鴻鋁門窗
黃英洲 on Google

Originally, I asked someone to order two screen windows, but the other party said that the window shape was too old and difficult to handle, so there was no news. Later, I went to Boss Hong to take a look and said that there is no problem and can be customized. It is also very cheap to give a quotation. , I will be notified that the installation can be done in two days. Sure enough, the installation is successfully completed. The boss is really enthusiastic and professional~ Thank you
柯秀吟 on Google

老闆親切好溝通, 施工專業,價格公道 大推!!!
嘟嘟好香腸 on Google

老闆很細心指導及詢問 師傅也很有耐心去一一解決客人的問題 💯👍👍👍
The boss is very careful to guide and inquire The master is also very patient to solve the guest’s problems one by one 💯👍👍👍
洪冠宇 on Google

After inquiring about the quotation that day, I quickly decided to make it for the boss. The boss will come to measure and discuss the details in the afternoon. By the way, I will show the boss another broken screen door to see if it needs to be repaired or replaced. I'm really thankful for dropping the wheels and gauze. It's become very good. After giving the deposit, I will come on time next time. I will install the window in half a day. The texture of the window makes the balcony look brand new, thank you again🙏🙏
lai mea-shang on Google

Boss Hong is very kind. The words "I like to help people solve problems" warmed my heart. In the process of installing the door today, the professional did not forget to put himself in the person's shoes and communicate well. Boss, thank you!
えどがわ-柯南 on Google

老闆很親切,很具耐心指導、也很專業! 我家的沙窗鋁門毀損,估價便宜公道! 修復快速1~2天就完工安裝! 大大推薦找 "興鴻鋁門窗" 就對啦!
The boss is very kind, patient and professional! My house’s sand window aluminum door is damaged, and the estimate is cheap and fair! Repair and install in 1~2 days! It is highly recommended to find "Xinghong Aluminum Doors and Windows"!
yintsui tsai on Google

The masters are very attentive, careful, and careful in their work. They have already repurchased the second wave. When I was doing airtightness for the first time, I inquired too many times. I found that the price of Xinghong is the most affordable. After the second construction, the communication beforehand and the results after the event are very satisfactory. I sincerely recommend it to you who need it.
Yum Yi Lin on Google


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