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712, Taiwan, Tainan City, Xinhua District, Zhongxiao Rd, 84-2號 永和豆漿

電話 : 📞 +88978
城市 : Zhongxiao Rd

712, Taiwan, Tainan City, Xinhua District, Zhongxiao Rd, 84-2號 永和豆漿
李浩頴 on Google

The taste here is the same as that of the chain. If the locals like Yonghe Soymilk breakfast, they can buy it nearby.
KEVIN WANG on Google

很多阿嬤們在親切服務,這不是一般連鎖的豆漿店,晚上附近都很安靜,但是生意不錯,食物新鮮。 杏仁豆漿很讚,要角油條燒餅新鮮自製,燒餅有點鹹味很好吃。其他還有多種早餐三明治,也有多種捲餅,樣式比一般連鎖店多,而且新鮮。
Many aunts are kindly served. This is not a general chain soy milk shop. It is quiet near the night, but the business is good and the food is fresh. Almond soy milk is very good, the horny sesame seed cake is freshly made, and the sesame seed cake is a bit salty and delicious. There are also a variety of breakfast sandwiches, as well as a variety of burritos, more style than the average chain store, and fresh.
Xun on Google

CP值蠻高的 餓餓的點一些點心 配一杯熱豆漿 超讚!!
CP value is quite high If you are hungry, order some dim sum with a cup of hot soy milk. Awesome! !
我是一陣風 on Google

早上點了燒餅加蛋 從頭到尾兩個阿姨都在靠牆料理台 都沒回頭看我(我點了兩三次) 最後我跟裝飲料的阿姨說我要一個燒餅加蛋 煎東西的阿姨回頭有一個不耐煩口氣說不是已經叫了嗎? 我聽到此口氣,我也非常不開心 說我點了很多次都沒人回應我 結果另一個包裝阿姨回頭也是不高興說 我有說好 煎蛋蛋阿姨也附和說她有聽到 包裝阿姨開始責怪我帶安全帽及口罩,覺得是我自己沒聽到 從頭到尾我都一直看著他們 從頭到尾都沒轉頭,就算有說好 我也不知道你們在跟我說好吧 重點是態度極差 為什麼要用口氣不好的態度說不是點了嗎? 為什麼要責怪我帶口罩帶安全帽沒聽到 而且嘴巴一直唸跟責怪 從頭我也只講一句話 兩個阿姨嘴巴一直唸 最後我說我不要啦 煎蛋的阿姨說我蛋已經煎了 我還是堅決不要,直接走掉 因為我是來買早餐 不是聽你們碎念,要唸去唸你們孩子 我又不是你們孩子 我也只講一句沒人回應我 你們兩個阿姨一直碎念一直責怪幹嘛 你們從頭到尾沒看我 說聽到我點了,那我講那麼多次 都沒有回頭說 你們已經做了 而且不會覺得幹嘛一直講嗎 你們責怪我帶安全帽跟口罩 那你們不是也帶口罩嗎 你如果覺得你們兩個距離聽得到 但我的距離就是沒聽到 重點不是聽不聽得到 而是態度極差 爛透了 我又不是你們家孩子 像個老媽們一直唸 從頭到尾我也只講一句話 你們是要唸多久,責怪多久
I ordered biscuits and eggs in the morning From the beginning to the end, the two aunties are leaning against the wall to cook the table Didn't look back at me (I ordered two or three times) Finally, I told the aunt who packed the drink that I wanted a sesame cake with eggs The aunt who was frying turned back with an impatient tone and said, didn't she already call? I'm also very unhappy when I hear this tone Said I ordered many times and no one responded As a result, the other packaging aunt turned back and said that she was not happy. I have said Aunt Omelette also agreed that she had heard The packaging aunt started to blame me for wearing a helmet and a mask, thinking that I didn't hear it myself I watched them from beginning to end I didn't turn my head from the beginning to the end, even if I said yes I didn't know you were talking to me, okay? The point is that the attitude is very bad Why use a bad tone to say it's not a point? Why are you blaming me for wearing a mask and a hard hat I didn't hear And the mouth keeps saying and blaming I'll just say a word from the beginning The two aunts kept talking Finally I said I don't want it The auntie who fried the egg said my egg was already fried I still don't want to, just leave Because I'm here to buy breakfast I don't want to listen to your broken thoughts, but to think about your children. I'm not your child I only said one sentence and no one responded to me What are you two aunts blaming all the time for? You didn't look at me from start to finish Said you heard me order, then I said it so many times didn't even look back to say you've done it And don't you think why keep talking? You blame me for wearing a helmet and a mask Then don't you wear masks too? If you think you two can hear from a distance But my distance just didn't hear It's not about hearing but very bad attitude Sucks I'm not your child Like a mother who keeps thinking I'll only say one word from beginning to end How long do you want to read, how long do you blame
Ting Wang on Google

Before we finished breakfast, my aunt drove away the guests from our table in order to close the table. The aunt was also quite uneducated, and kept staring at us. The service was very poor..
蘇芝儀 on Google

It feels like the breakfast restaurant I grew up with! Lots of my favorite breakfasts since I was a kid! And it's open until midnight, which is great for a night owl like me!
嘿同學 on Google

何小鎔 on Google

The invincible and delicious pot stickers must be drizzled with the shop’s special spicy soy sauce (it’s becoming less spicy recently). Black tea is also great!

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