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813, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Zuoying District, Chongsin Rd, 597號李嘉義火雞肉飯專賣店

電話 : 📞 +887989
網站 : https://restaurant-70774.business.site/
城市 : Chongsin Rd

813, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Zuoying District, Chongsin Rd, 597號李嘉義火雞肉飯專賣店
Dai on Google

From national snacks to the good taste of the society, a full meal is very satisfying.
B.W L.t on Google

I just took the high-speed train from Chiayi to Zuoying high-speed rail station in the morning. I found this restaurant and I felt like I was back to Chiayi after eating. All the money was saved and it was worth the fare!
鵬田 on Google

我買一大一小雞肉飯 (沒滷蛋所以都沒加!) 55+40 再買一個肉燥飯小的45 加一個貢丸15 60 55+40+60總共才155 她收我180!我驚訝欸 然後我要走的時候還我十塊說170 (還是多收我25…….) 夭壽 價目表是假的嗎? 不知道 就覺得心情很差… 第一次就這樣不會再來了
I bought one big and one small chicken rice (there is no marinated egg so I didn't add it!) 55+40 Buy another 45 small pork dry rice Add a tribute 15 60 55+40+60 is only 155 in total and she charges me 180! I am surprised Then pay me ten dollars and say 170 when I'm leaving (Still charge me 25 more....) Are Yaoshou price lists fake? I don't know, I feel bad... It's the first time, won't come again
二馬 on Google

Every time I pass by the high-speed rail station, I see this one and finally have the opportunity to eat today. The chicken rice is really delicious with salty chicken sauce. The sausages are too delicious! ! It's so delicious! ! !
zishan Hsu on Google

火雞肉飯還不錯有加油蔥酥蠻香的 高麗菜和筍干好大一盤才30元! 滷虱目魚肚也是蠻大一片,而且無刺很加分😆 綜合下水湯也好喝 內用只有三角窗的戶外座位 所以不確定菜本來就不熱還是因爲天氣太冷很快就涼掉 不過高麗菜和筍干就算涼掉我還是覺得蠻好吃的😊 高麗菜沒有有些便當店會有的怪味(有人知道我說的怪味嗎?😆) 湯我就很確定是熱騰騰的還在冒煙~ 生意還蠻好的一直有人來外帶便當!
The turkey rice is not bad, the oil is crispy A large plate of cabbage and dried bamboo shoots is only 30 yuan! The braised milkfish maw is also quite large, and the thorn-free is a bonus 😆 Comprehensive soup is also delicious Outdoor seating with only triangular windows inside So I'm not sure if the dish is not hot at all or it will cool down quickly because the weather is too cold However, even if the cabbage and dried bamboo shoots are cooled down, I still think they are quite delicious😊 Cabbage doesn't have the weird smell that some bento shops have (does anyone know what I'm talking about? 😆) I'm pretty sure the soup is hot and still smoking~ Business is still good, and people always come to take out bento!
Anita Chang on Google

如果不想吃高鐵站內貴鬆鬆的餐點,可以來這間火雞肉飯,地點很方便就在高鐵站對面,從二樓就可能看到店。 招牌的火雞肉飯內用小碗45塊,肉雖然看起來有舖滿但實際不多,不過因為有加油蔥酥,吃起來還蠻香的,CP值最高的莫過於筍干,一盤才30塊,好吃又便宜,蒜泥白肉一份80塊有點小貴。 建議點碗雞肉飯+小菜,不僅吃飽飽又划算。
If you don't want to eat Guisongsong's meals in the high-speed rail station, you can come to this turkey rice restaurant. The location is very convenient and it is opposite the high-speed rail station. The signature turkey rice uses a small bowl of 45 pieces. Although the meat seems to be covered with a lot of meat, it is actually not much. However, because of the crispy onion, it tastes quite fragrant. The highest CP value is dried bamboo shoots. 30 yuan, delicious and cheap, 80 yuan for a piece of garlic white meat is a little expensive. It is recommended to order a bowl of chicken rice + side dishes, which is not only full but also cost-effective.
John MARISCOS on Google

One of the best eatery and takeaway in the town. If you have no idea of eating place in this town, this place will fill your stomach. The place is so loved by locals that there are always some people. But waiting time is really short. Very good food with reasonable price.
Zane on Google

Basic turkey rice (It taste like chicken though.) Delicious local taiwan food. The price is cheap and clean environment, must try! The soup and vege are also incredibly tasty.

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