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950, Taiwan, Taitung County, Taitung City, Guangming Rd, 114號 吉爾美食

電話 : 📞 +8899
網站 : http://tour.taitung.gov.tw/zh-tw/Dining/Shop/3190/%25E5%2590%2589%25E7%2588%25BE%25E7%25BE%258E%25E9%25A3%259F
城市 : Guangming Rd

950, Taiwan, Taitung County, Taitung City, Guangming Rd, 114號 吉爾美食
Ming-Fong Hong on Google

Fried rice is better. The price is fair, the portion of the meal is quite good, the dining environment is acceptable, old but not messy, there is osmanthus black tea for free, and there is a toilet. Only one person is frying, so it takes a long time to serve the meal (15-25 minutes). Fortunately, the egg drop soup can quickly satisfy your hunger. The soup is quite cheap at only 20 yuan, and it tastes light and ok. The fried rice was fried very dry. The beef with green pepper was delicious. The pork strips were a bit gluten but quite a lot of meat, and the taste was quite good, unlike the common thin slices of pork. The Thai style is also good, with a sour taste and almost not spicy. There are water spinach and cabbage to choose from. The amount is not too much, but it can be eaten with stir-fry for 30 yuan. It is very rare. Although it does not seem to be very delicious, it is actually very crispy and the seasoning is quite delicious.
Darren Lin on Google

The taste is acceptable, but the owner finds it difficult to get along with, expecting every customer to know the SOP in the store.
ywg0330 on Google

I have been eating for five years since high school. The boss insists on not raising prices, making small profits but quick turnover, and making fixed donations every year for public welfare! Big push kimchi oolong and free osmanthus black tea ❤
Hee Hee on Google

炒飯好像可以免費加飯 圖中是一般份量沒有加過的 口味不錯 鍋燒也算好吃 但覺得加香菇很特別卻也覺得奇怪不習慣~
Fried rice seems to be free to add rice The picture is not added in the general weight Good taste Pot roast is also delicious But I think adding shiitake mushrooms is very special, but I also find it strange not to get used to it~
胡捷明 on Google

Not to mention the hardware equipment, the whole cooking area is full of dirt, especially now during the epidemic prevention period, the order list is full of greasy dirt, the tabletop and tableware are old, even if it is sticky to the touch, the point is, also It's not particularly delicious, rather than eating their fried rice, it's better to fry it yourself.
陳筱萍 on Google

這是健身教練推薦的在地美食 說是大學吃了四年的店 但是一走進店裡就後悔了 很髒 桌椅地板黑黏油膩 雖然老闆一直招呼有免費的飲料 但是把手也髒髒的 實在喝不下去 點了韓國辣醬炒飯 吃不出來韓國辣醬的味道 只覺得辣辣的而已 炒飯偏乾
This is the local food recommended by the fitness trainer It is said to be a restaurant where the university ate for four years. But as soon as I walked into the store, I regretted it. Very dirty table and chair floor black sticky greasy Although the boss has always greeted with free drinks But my hands are so dirty that I can't drink Ordered the Korean Chili Sauce Fried Rice Can't taste the taste of Korean spicy sauce It just feels spicy Fried rice is dry
Siou-Yun Lin on Google

用吃光光向吻仔魚炒飯致敬 臺東第一次吃到吻仔魚炒飯($80) 味道鹹淡適中 外帶附的桂花紅茶也好喝! 可以收口袋名單😋
Pay tribute to KISS larva fried rice with eating up Taitung's first time to eat fried rice with larvae ($80) Moderately salty The sweet-scented osmanthus black tea is also delicious! You can collect the pocket list😋
Pierre Ecarlat on Google

Excellent, and really nice staff

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