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811, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Nanzih District, Daxue E Rd, 288號好想鍋

電話 : 📞 +887
網站 : https://www.facebook.com/HaoSiangPot/
城市 : Daxue E Rd

811, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Nanzih District, Daxue E Rd, 288號好想鍋
陳超閔 on Google

This is the hot pot restaurant with the highest cp value I have ever eaten. The portion is absolutely full for boys. The meat plate is very big. You can see from the photos that the taste is above standard and the space is spacious. It feels very relaxing, and finally The price is from 300 to 400 for 1 person. I think it is excellent value for money and is a good place to recommend
ERIC TSENG on Google

This time I ordered a set meal for two, only 768 yuan, there is a large plate full of low-fat beef, as well as a seafood plate (7 shrimps, 4 slices of carved fish) and a vegetable plate. The soup chooses kelp chicken soup, ice products and drinks buffet style Eat for free, the table space is quite large, and the price/performance ratio is quite high.
Abbie Huang on Google

有預先訂位說有狗狗,店員還有預留給我家寶貝寵物的位置,而且還送一鍋白水+肉給我們煮給狗狗吃,超級棒的👍🏻吃完還可以再要肉,店員服務算是蠻好的❤️ 今天三人用餐,點了6oz和9oz的酸菜白肉鍋(有酸~推薦),還有藥膳鍋(但我覺得味道可以再更濃一點)豬肉、牛肉鍋,一般人食量大概吃6oz的就好了,但我覺得男生可能要吃到9oz的,菜盤份量不算太多,但是有飲料和冰淇淋可以吃算是還不錯,下次還會再來
There is a pre-booked table saying that there are dogs. The clerk also reserved a place for my baby pet, and also sent a pot of white water + meat for us to cook for the dog to eat. It's super good👍🏻 You can ask for more meat after eating, Staff service is pretty good ❤️ Today, the three of us had dinner. We ordered 6oz and 9oz sauerkraut and white meat pot (sour ~ recommended), as well as medicated pot (but I think the taste could be stronger) pork and beef pot. Most people eat about 6oz. , but I think boys may have to eat 9oz. The portion of the plate is not too much, but it is not bad to have drinks and ice cream, and I will come again next time
Lucie Fang on Google

店內空間大又寬敞 火鍋份量很足夠 肉的份量多 吃完非常飽🥰
The store is large and spacious Hot pot portion is enough Lots of meat Very full after eating 🥰
李小妹_乖乖丟 on Google

The cp value is not high, especially the vegetarian set meal 358 is really super empty. My mother kept shaking her head when she saw it, but the point was that she felt very thirsty after drinking the soup...
Mizuka Sen on Google

本想給4顆星的, 但是實在是很討厭在用餐時, 店員在旁邊掃地🧹這件事⋯⋯ 餐點跟美術館店的好好鍋一樣的不錯, 但它們家這系列的缺點都是海鮮沒肉品優秀。 菜類也是選的很不錯, 新鮮度真的無話可說👍。 2021.04.21 店家很仔細的回覆, 感謝店家有在注意顧客的心聲, 會再次光顧的。
I wanted to give 4 stars, But I really hate it when I eat, The clerk was sweeping the floor next to it🧹This thing... The meal is as good as the good pot in the art gallery store. But the disadvantage of their series is that seafood is not as good as meat. The dishes are also well selected. The freshness is really nothing to say 👍. 2021.04.21 The seller responded very carefully, Thanks to the store for paying attention to the voices of customers, Will visit again.
徐伟杰 on Google

It’s crowded foods are okay but the price is a little bit high
Zepherin Kevin Francis on Google

Definitely a high quality Hotspot experience, you will get your money's worth. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very welcoming, the staff is friendly and accommodating to foreigners with a full English menu should you be unable to read Chinese. They also have all the other amenities that come with A good quality hotpot restaurant, such as ice cream drinks and frozen yogurt as well as sauces included with the meal.

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