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813, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Zuoying District, Chongsin Rd, 598-3號郭大爺鴨肉飯

電話 : 📞 +8897
網站 : https://www.facebook.com/-104702691679063/
城市 : Chongsin Rd

813, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Zuoying District, Chongsin Rd, 598-3號郭大爺鴨肉飯
Eleanor Tsai on Google

2022.04.16 午餐 鴨肉飯-份量跟口味尚可。 燙青菜-份量跟價位尚可。
2022.04.16 Lunch Duck Rice - The portion and taste are acceptable. Hot green vegetables - the portion and price are acceptable.
c c on Google

拌鴨米血沒有味道,要另外加醬油糕 豆芽菜有點生味 鴨肉飯還可以 米粉湯偏油但湯頭還不錯,大碗的份量滿多的
Mixed duck rice blood has no taste, you need to add soy sauce cake Bean sprouts are a bit raw Duck rice is ok The rice noodle soup is oily but the soup is not bad, the big bowl is full
阿睿叔叔 on Google

超好吃的鴨肉飯 那個鴨肉飯的鴨肉真的很香 飯也粒粒分明 鴨肉的份量也足夠 高麗菜也是非常新鮮 顏色一看就知道是新鮮的綠色 咬起來很清脆不軟爛 湯的部分也不錯 鴨血糕湯30塊 但是裡面有5塊滿大塊的鴨血糕 湯的量也非常足夠 不過豆腐的部分就有點小失望了 本來以為上菜會是一個完整的正方形豆腐 不過只有一半🥲 撇開這個小缺點 是真的很好吃 因為當兵才來到高雄的基隆人 坐高鐵回家前吃到這麼好吃的鴨肉飯真的很幸福 一定會再回訪 真的很好吃 價位跟北部比也不算貴 滿推薦的!!
Super delicious duck rice The duck meat in that duck rice is really fragrant The rice is well-defined, and the amount of duck meat is enough The cabbage is also very fresh. The color is fresh green. The bite is very crisp and not soft The soup is also good. 30 pieces of duck blood cake soup But there are 5 chunks of duck blood cake inside The amount of soup is also very sufficient But the tofu part is a bit disappointing I thought the serving would be a complete square tofu But only half 🥲 Apart from this shortcoming, it's really delicious The people from Keelung who came to Kaohsiung because of being a soldier I am really happy to have such a delicious duck rice before taking the high-speed rail home Will definitely visit again, it's really delicious, the price is not too expensive compared to the north, fully recommended! !
weiching Tsai on Google

Overall, the taste is good. I only give 3 stars because the duck meat in the duck noodle... I can't bite much meat. If I only give me 4 pieces of duck breast, I can accept it. I regret it! Might as well order duck rice.
莊小禾 on Google

外帶速度很快 油豆腐下面還有鴨肉,有撲滿很好,不過鴨肉飯本身的鴨肉味道不重,比較偏好單點鴨腿的味道,單點鴨腿要70但味道很不錯,會回購。油豆腐滿入味的。米血中規中矩,鴨腸湯偏鹹(我家口味比較清淡),味道還是不錯的,鴨腸很脆。
Takeout is fast There is also duck meat under the oil tofu, which is very good. However, the duck meat in the duck rice itself is not heavy. I prefer the taste of a single order of duck legs. A single order of duck legs costs 70, but the taste is very good. I will repurchase. The oily tofu is full of flavor. The rice blood is quite satisfactory, the duck intestine soup is salty (my family's taste is relatively light), the taste is still good, and the duck intestines are very crisp.
黃柏瑜 on Google

第一次來吃,鴨肉飯很好吃 不過跟評論的比較似乎肉量變少了😅😅 但用餐環境有冷氣,且環境乾淨大加分👍👍
First time here, duck rice is delicious But compared with the comments, it seems that the amount of meat has decreased 😅😅 But the dining environment is air-conditioned, and the environment is clean, which is a big plus 👍👍
韓eric on Google

1:滷味可能我點的不好,覺得普通 2鴨肉飯:味道有點清淡 3燙青菜:用蒜頭提味,也是普通 4紫菜湯:$25元 算是蠻不錯的選擇 5鴨肉腿切盤:味道中規中矩 這一餐吃了350左右😅 用餐環境舒適,交通地點方便
1: I may not order the lo mei well, I think it is normal 2 Duck rice: the taste is a bit bland 3 Boil green vegetables: use garlic to enhance the taste, which is also common 4 Seaweed Soup: $25 is a good choice 5 Duck leg cut plate: the taste is quite satisfactory This meal is about 350 😅 Comfortable dining environment and convenient transportation
陳俊偉 on Google

The soup is super salty! ! I can't drink it at all, the tongue will be paralyzed, the meat part is nothing special, the rice noodles with duck meat sand tea is super dry, the sand tea can't make the rice noodles go smoothly, the seasoning is a bit different from other duck meat shops... The price is barely acceptable

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