鉦金店珠寶銀樓(青年總店) - Xinxing District

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800, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Xinxing District, Qingnian 1st Rd, 240號鉦金店珠寶銀樓(青年總店)

電話 : 📞 +88788
Postal code : 1
網站 : https://www.facebook.com/realgold.jewelry.store/
城市 : st Rd

800, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Xinxing District, Qingnian 1st Rd, 240號鉦金店珠寶銀樓(青年總店)
Anya Chen on Google

Although I haven't bought it yet, but the anchor and the editor and his wife on the live broadcast are very kind and gentle to the guests, and they will buy it once if they have the opportunity.👍👍👍
劉燕子 on Google

Good service and exquisite prices. Good merchants to recommend. Remember to watch the guide on Wednesday and Thursday. There will be live broadcasts at 2pm on Friday and there are new products.
溫慧玉 on Google

✏️以往不喜歡網路購物 因尺寸現貨都不是自己喜歡的 後續換物一來一往很麻煩 平常就有買黃金的習慣 不時也會到附近銀樓逛逛 常常看妹妹戴的金飾很美 很時尚,一般店面沒有商品(例如5G6D類) 經過妹妹介紹是網路直播 因為沒有追蹤這個平台,有時託妹妹代購 但他總是嫌我囉嗦 後來我追蹤了証金珠寶銀樓的直播網頁 觀看直播主的介紹 覺得人很親切也愛聊天,英文能力好 也能像把我們當朋友一樣 喜歡分享自己的生活事件 及美美小編不厭其煩的回覆私訊 重要的是每次要的商品很快就會到手 讓自己變的美美的 所以要謝謝你們親切又熱忱的服務 只能說我們相見恨晚😁
✏️I didn’t like online shopping in the past Because the size of the spot is not my favorite Subsequent exchanges are troublesome I usually have the habit of buying gold From time to time, I also go to the nearby silver building I often see the gold jewelry worn by my sister is beautiful Very fashionable, generally there are no products in the store (such as 5G6D) My sister introduced it to live on the web Because I didn’t track this platform, I sometimes asked my sister to purchase But he always thinks I am long-winded Later I tracked the live webpage of Zhengjin Jewelry Silver Building Watch the introduction of the live broadcaster I think people are very kind and love to chat, good English skills Can also treat us like friends Like to share their life events He Meimei Xiaobian takes the trouble to reply to private messages The important thing is that every time the goods you ask for will be available soon Make yourself beautiful So thank you for your kind and dedicated service I can only say that we see each other late 😁
yixuan Li on Google

每個禮拜四、五下午兩點必看你們家的網路直播 有時候看著看著都會看到一些跟別家銀樓不一樣的款式忍不住就買了然後價錢也親民便宜工錢更是不用說了👍👍👍
Every Thursday or Friday at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, you must watch your live webcast. Sometimes you will see some styles that are different from other silver buildings. I can’t help but buy them. The prices are also low and cheap. Said 👍👍👍
陳詩嫻 on Google

老闆娘是一個非常讚的人 服務好 價格實在 這間店 大推~~ 從小港去也值得啦
The lady boss is a very good person Good service and real price This store has a big push~~ It's worth it to go from Xiaogang
Lu Si on Google

I have been very satisfied with the products I have bought several times here. The quality, the price of gold, and the wages are all reasonable. Nowadays, the competition in live broadcast is so great that it is not easy to keep the audience's attention!
許阿飄 on Google

闆娘一家人,超級好的 已經第二次回購了,東西介紹的都很詳細 而且不管金飾還是白金都超漂釀的👍👍👍 服務態度跟品質都是一級棒的 下次一定會再去光顧
Banniang family, super nice I have repurchased for the second time, and the introduction of things is very detailed And whether gold or platinum is super bleached👍👍👍 The service attitude and quality are first class Will definitely go back next time
Jc Chen on Google

沒有開發票 保卡的字實在是太醜了 很沒質感😔 希望能改進 不然實在是沒衝動想買商品

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