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234, Taiwan, New Taipei City, Yonghe District, Section 1, Xiulang Rd, 66號昇華全方位水電行
Charles on Google

前一天聯繫師傅,有先請我們拍照確認問題點,安排隔天就來修理了!家裡洗臉檯的排水口老舊脫落壞了,師傅幫我們換了一個可以拔起來清洗的排水口,很好用!師傅很專業很 NICE!謝謝了!
Contact the master the day before, and ask us to take pictures to confirm the problem, and arrange to repair it the next day! The drain outlet of the washbasin at home was old and broken. The master helped us replace a drain that can be pulled up and cleaned. It is very useful! The master is very professional and nice! Thank you!
Anson Huang on Google

The bosses called Lin all responded immediately, almost the same as 7-11. There was nothing to say about the service, nothing to say about the value, nothing to say about the technology, and nothing to say about the fair price. Look for him to help save trouble, worry and peace of mind.
Yvonne Lee on Google

在這個講求效率與利益的時代,身為消費者的我對於忠於自己專業的人,特別感佩!尤其很多人對於委請水電工程師傅的「特殊經驗」,應該都能分享不少精彩的故事。但如果您現在也有這相關待解的問題,不妨參考看看我此次的經驗: 事前聯絡老闆的溝通效率與執行能力超有效率,精準聚焦的詢問問題,也能體諒且配合消費者的時間,這點已相當貼心。 對於約定的時間也準時到達(魔鬼永遠存在小細節裡) 除了解決現場主問題之外,還能提供消費者沒注意到的細節資訊並同時解決,讓我多年的不便同步得到解決,這其實就是所謂「專業的展現」!超越消費者預期的服務,就是最高境界展現專業的時刻! 謝謝大家的良心評論,我也才能在忐忑中藉由大家的評論找到這位優質的師傅。這篇評論沒有業配,純粹也想讓下位想尋找好師傅的人也能夠得到同等的幫助。 既想分享又怕分享之後師傅太忙工作接不完,之後會很難預約😂哈~專業認真的人值得大力推薦呀!
In this era of efficiency and profit, as a consumer, I am very impressed with people who are loyal to my profession! In particular, many people should be able to share many wonderful stories about the "special experience" of commissioning a hydropower engineer. But if you also have this related problem to be solved, you may wish to refer to my experience this time: The communication efficiency and execution ability of contacting the boss beforehand are super efficient, asking questions accurately and focusing on the questions, and being considerate and cooperating with consumers' time is quite considerate. Arrived on time for the agreed time (the devil is always in the small details) In addition to solving the main problem on the spot, it can also provide detailed information that consumers have not noticed and solve it at the same time, so that my years of inconvenience can be solved simultaneously. This is actually the so-called "professional display"! Services that exceed consumer expectations are the moment to show professionalism at the highest level! Thank you for your conscience comments. I can also find this excellent master through your comments. This review has no professional qualifications. It is purely hope that the next person who wants to find a good master can also get the same help. I want to share but I am afraid that after sharing, the master is too busy to finish work, and it will be difficult to make an appointment afterwards.
Ho Ester on Google

馬桶補水時唧唧叫。叫到晚上上廁所不敢沖水實在太吵太大聲了。馬桶跟牆壁距離很近 要換零件及鎖零件都非常困難。老闆非常辛苦地趴在地上把手伸進去鎖。非常感謝
The toilet chirps when it fills up. It was too loud to be called to the toilet at night and dare not flush. The toilet is very close to the wall. It is very difficult to change parts and lock parts. The boss lay down on the ground very hard and put his hand in the lock. thank you very much
Chien Chilan on Google

Boss Lin will follow the fortification specifications when discussing the water leakage treatment, and the details will be trimmed according to the environment as much as possible. The pipeline layout is also very neat, and the vertical and horizontal overall look very beautiful and neat without being careless.
JKL JKL on Google

馬桶底部漏水, 師傅非常小心的拆下馬桶處理, 沒有破損, 讓馬桶可以再裝回去, 省下一個新馬桶錢。 而且師傅做工細緻, 施工後環境也整理得很乾淨, 整體而言是非常棒的修繕體驗。
The bottom of the toilet is leaking, The master carefully removed the toilet for disposal, Not broken, So that the toilet can be put back in again, Save money for a new toilet. And the master’s workmanship is meticulous, The environment is also very clean after construction, Overall it is a great repair experience.
Jang Jenq-Lyn on Google

更換浴廁洗手臺水龍頭。 除了施工動作迅速,小地方處理很仔細,期間我的發問也是有問必答。 不僅解決水龍頭的漏水問題外,也讓我提升一點水電的相關知識。 非常感謝!
Replace the faucet of the bathroom and sink. In addition to the rapid construction movement, the small areas were handled very carefully, and my questions were always answered during the period. Not only solves the problem of water leakage from the faucet, but also allows me to improve my knowledge of water and electricity. thank you very much!
Bo-Jiun Wang on Google

老闆真的是「慢工出細活」,「慢」是因為老闆做事照工法來,該拆的舊物一絲不苟耐心清除,該新上的止洩帶做足做好,為了不同螺絲紋,先上棉線再上止洩帶,更不用講更換水電設施都一再確認才均勻上螺絲跟各點平均慢慢鎖緊,這些「細活」老闆都不馬虎。這次請老闆更換家中加壓馬達,施工環境是高空作業,老闆氣定神閒穩穩踏好每步耐煩施作,連最後電線重新連接都要把接線處朝上。處處讓人感到老闆對自己的品質要求,在這過程中老闆專心施作,所以之後閒聊他就說很多一顆星都是因為找不到他,但我寧可多幾次聯絡,也不願老闆邊做他人的水電時又談別人家的事,因為專心做事勝過於趕業績草草了事。 本想拍老闆施工環境,但老闆說害羞,所以就以施工場所代替。 最後完工前,老闆還細心去把每個水龍頭濾網拆下清洗,提醒濾網堵塞會影響馬達。 感謝網路上大家評語,讓我選擇找老闆解決家中水電故障,也希望看到我的評論的網友,可以考慮找老闆解決疑難雜症喔!
The boss is really "slow work and meticulous work." "Slow" is because the boss does things according to the method of work. The old things that should be dismantled are removed meticulously and patiently. The new anti-leak strap is done well. For different screw patterns, cotton thread is applied first. Put on the leak stop belt, not to mention the replacement of the water and electricity facilities. The screws are evenly installed and the points are slowly tightened evenly after repeated confirmations. These "small jobs" bosses are not sloppy. This time, I asked the boss to replace the pressurized motor at home. The construction environment is high-altitude work. The boss calmly and steadily takes care of each step and performs patiently at each step. Even the final wire reconnection must be connected to the upper side. Everywhere makes people feel the boss’s requirements for their own quality. During this process, the boss concentrates on his actions, so after chatting, he said that many stars are because he can’t be found, but I would rather contact the boss more than once. While working on other people's water and electricity, they talk about other people's home affairs, because focusing on doing things is better than catching up on performance. I wanted to take a picture of the boss's construction environment, but the boss said he was shy, so he replaced it with the construction site. Before the final completion, the boss also carefully removed the filter screen of each faucet for cleaning, reminding that the blockage of the filter screen would affect the motor. Thanks to everyone's comments on the Internet, let me choose to find my boss to solve the water and electricity failure at home, and netizens who also hope to see my comments, can consider finding the boss to solve intractable diseases!

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