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No. 186號, Lane 750, Section 2, Datong Rd, South District, Tainan City, Taiwan 702

城市 : Tainan City

No. 186號, Lane 750, Section 2, Datong Rd, South District, Tainan City, Taiwan 702
McGyver Chang on Google

Located next to Tainan Airport, it is an aviation-themed park, and there is also a grassland where you can run and jump, which is suitable for children to let out the wind and exhaust their energy.
毛寶 on Google

小時候兒子來,跳跳床壞了不能玩,那時也沒戰鬥機,今天2022.3.1第三次來訪,跳跳床又開始出現小洞,兒子還在上面撿到玻璃……金夭壽…… 不然公園設施不錯,但是沒看到廁所,夕陽西下拍照好看。
When I was a child, my son came, and the trampoline was broken and could not play. There were no fighter jets at that time. Today, 2022.3.1, the third visit, small holes began to appear in the trampoline, and my son still picked up glass on it... Jin Yaoshou... Otherwise, the park facilities are good, but I didn't see the toilet, and it's beautiful to take pictures in the sunset.
阿翔Hsiang on Google

隱藏在小巷底的公園,第一次去想說小小的,結果後面好大一片。小孩可以放電好地方。 停車場都被附近居民停走 只剩下一兩格實在很無言。讓來使用的人沒辦法停。 有看到臭青母 因該是從旁邊砂石場跑過來的.要來請注意
The park hidden at the bottom of the alley, the first time I went to think of it as being small, it turned out to be a huge area behind it. A good place for children to discharge. The parking lot has been parked by nearby residents, and there is only one or two spaces left, which is really speechless. Let the people who come to use it have no way to stop. I saw the stinky green mother, because it must have run over from the gravel field next to it. Please pay attention when you come
I am Lii on Google

安靜的公園,遛小孩遛狗都很開心,但是沒有垃圾桶,原本看到有人放飲料在桌上,想幫忙丟垃圾桶的。 還有藍球場,寬大草原 我以爲是密秘基地
In a quiet park, walking children and dogs is very happy, but there is no trash can. I saw someone putting drinks on the table and wanted to help throw the trash can. There is also a basketball court, a wide prairie I thought it was a secret base
A J on Google

Options for kids ☆☆☆☆ Location ☆☆☆ Ambient/cleanliness ☆☆☆☆
羅廷 Roy on Google

Peter Peter on Google

Pretty good for kids!!
Dylan Chang on Google

The park environment is clean and tidy, and the view is wide, which is very suitable for watching the plane take off.

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