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地址 :

Lane 55, Yongfu St, Qishan District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 842

城市 : Kaohsiung City

Lane 55, Yongfu St, Qishan District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 842
JC Yang on Google

If you feel tired to walk up, you can also drive or ride a bicycle directly. The mountain is one platform after another, and the Confucian Temple is also on it.
eva chen on Google

爬了一層又一層的階梯,以為會看到值得爬那麼高的神社遺址 結果只有延路的石燈籠,爬上去什麼都沒有~ 可以順便看看武德殿,拍拍照,逛老街。
I climbed the stairs one after another, thinking that I would see the shrine ruins worthy of climbing so high In the end, there were only stone lanterns on Yanlu, and there was nothing to climb up~ You can take a look at the Wude Temple, take pictures, and go shopping in the old streets.
郭怡青 on Google

彷彿一秒來到日本 逛完老街後必走行程
It's like coming to Japan in a second A must-walk after strolling the old streets
Ting En Kang on Google

可以來這稍作休息或讓寵物跑跑。 很舒服的地方
You can come here to take a break or let your pet run. very comfortable place
Nabi Lin on Google

看風景的好地方✨ 帶我家的夥伴一起眺望美景🤣
Great place to see the scenery ✨ Take my family mates to watch the beautiful scenery together 🤣
Frank Hsu on Google

The ruins of the shrine, everything is gone, and some other sculptures are left to replace, looking down at the scenery is good
allen Lin on Google

The sculptures on the art trail are quite interesting, but almost all the shrines have disappeared, leaving only more than 10 stone lanterns.
aptx496920 on Google

到訪日期:20220327 其實到這邊散散步還不錯,雖然沒有神社了,但前面的表參道跟日本神社的氛圍有87分像,在這無法出國的時節,可以來這邊偽出國一下。
Date of visit: 20220327 In fact, it is not bad to take a walk here. Although there is no shrine, the atmosphere of Omotesando in front is 87 points similar to that of a Japanese shrine. In this season when it is impossible to go abroad, you can come here to fake it.

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