Fu Mao tree embankment - Nanzih District

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No. 296, Defu St, Nanzih District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 811

電話 : 📞 +887
城市 : Kaohsiung City

No. 296, Defu St, Nanzih District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 811
魏宏霖 on Google

Residential is of good quality, quiet, high-rise building with good vision, nearby stores
Yin Hs on Google

這方面 我屬於被害人 房子毛病多如牛毛
In this regard, I belong to the victim.
Lyra Kung on Google

The location is quiet, but the downside is that water may accumulate on rainy days
Diesel Chang on Google

There is a difference between rain and no rain in the stamina stream.
黃卿敏 on Google

學校後面, 很適合住家寧靜, 維一缺點是整個社區的出入口很小約10米&12米且只有兩個, 地方 可以鬧中取靜 這個社區結構鰻完整的 社區的居民志工里長 非常熱忱
Behind the school, it is very suitable for the tranquility of the home. The shortcoming of Weiyi is that the entrance and exit of the whole community is very small about 10 meters & 12 meters and there are only two places. The place can be quiet. This community structure is complete and the residents of the community are very enthusiastic.
Sunny Tsai on Google

I come every day and I like it as I watch it. Although it is sun-dried in the west, it is not too hot to bear because of the ventilation and dryness. You can enjoy the sun all afternoon on the balcony, and you can watch the sunset in good weather. I hope that the stamina stream will get better and better.
微笑小蕭 on Google

The river is contaminated by the factory. Do not eat the fish inside.
Yulung Chen on Google

知名品牌 深受市場歡迎。 河景第一排,前後出入口臨馬路,景致各異其趣~
Well-known brands are well received by the market. The first row of the river view, front and rear entrances and exits are facing the road, the scenery is different~

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