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Hongye Industry Rd, Yanping Township, Taitung County, Taiwan 953

城市 : Taitung County

Hongye Industry Rd, Yanping Township, Taitung County, Taiwan 953
Chen bohr on Google

In Yexi Hot Spring, dig your own soak, the more you dig the water, the hotter it gets...Be careful about safety!
Jimmy Huang on Google

The natural hot springs are gushing out, you can bring your own round shovel to dig a pit to soak in the hot springs♨️
楊欣儀 on Google

這次泡的溫泉位置在過了紅葉橋後再往前行駛約500公尺左右的距離。 有類似攔沙壩的排水設備下方,路邊有梯子,停好車走下來大約只需五分鐘。 溫泉池搭建得不錯,圖中的水管為冷水,溫泉熱水由地板冒出,水溫調節方便。 在溫泉池上面的平台有不少搭營過的痕跡,因為溫泉的關係,晚上睡覺時地板就像自己發熱的暖爐,冬天泡湯或紮營很舒服。 且夜晚泡湯可以看見滿天星斗。 因為位置好找,且地點容易抵達,晚上或清晨都會有不少人來這裡泡湯。是個CP值極高的野溪溫泉。 PS.在紅葉橋下也有一池溫泉,不過位子跟這裡不太一樣。
The location of the hot spring this time is about 500 meters after passing the Hongye Bridge. There is a drainage device similar to a sand dam, and there are ladders on the side of the road. It takes only about five minutes to park the car and walk down. The hot spring pool is well built. The water pipe in the picture is cold water. The hot water of the hot spring comes out of the floor and the water temperature is easy to adjust. There are many signs of camping on the platform above the hot spring pool. Because of the hot springs, the floor is like a heating stove when you sleep at night. It is very comfortable to take a soup or camp in winter. And at night, you can see the starry sky. Because the location is easy to find and the location is easy to reach, many people come here to soak in the evening or early morning. It is a wild creek with a very high CP value. PS. There is also a pool of hot springs under the Hongye Bridge, but the seat is not the same as here.
Amos on Google

野溪溫泉 露天池不復在 記得帶挖掘工具 一旁公園施工封閉中 需另找路徑下河床 施工期到7/24 但公園開放要等明年
Yexi Hot Spring is no longer in the open-air pool, remember to bring excavation tools One side park is under construction, need to find another path under the river bed Construction period is until 7/24, but the park will open next year
Wong Lily on Google

There are few people and natural, the water temperature is good, the place to go down is in the southeast corner of the bridge, be careful, it will be slippery when it rains! Remember to pull the rope, one person at a time!
Chun-Te Chu on Google

適合帶小朋友來做自然科學與觀察;請勿開車到河床,這裡的生態已經嚴重被破壞,即便有河流流動,也找不到任何魚蝦,相當可惜。不過可以看到不少愛泡溫泉的蝌蚪與青蛙。至於旁邊的建築物... 沒特別調查,但看起來是個蚊子館了,可憐啊~
It is suitable for bringing children to do natural science and observation; please do not drive to the riverbed, the ecology here has been severely damaged, even if there is a river flowing, there are no fish and shrimps, which is quite a pity. But you can see many tadpoles and frogs who love to soak in hot springs. As for the building next to it... There is no special investigation, but it looks like a mosquito house, so poor~
Mel A on Google

Nice pools .. and if they're too hot you can always let the river water in to cool it down a little.
Kata Lux-Boros on Google

Wonderful natural beauty in Taiwan, absolutely calm, the hot springs are nice warm, around 35 Celsius. A bit challenging to find the place though, if you are coming from Taitung, after you crossed the red bridge, there’s a camping (closed) on the left side, and the stairs down to the springs is before the camping, about 50 meters.

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