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4.3/5 基於 8 評論

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815, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Dashe District, Zhongshan Rd, 35-1號Ju Guo聚郭·創意鍋物-大社店

網站 : https://m.facebook.com/Ju-Guo%25E8%2581%259A%25E9%2583%25AD%25E5%2589%25B5%25E6%2584%258F%25E9%258D%258B%25E7%2589%25A9-%25E5%25A4%25A7%25E7%25A4%25BE%25E5%25BA%2597-102619321606790/
城市 : Zhongshan Rd

815, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Dashe District, Zhongshan Rd, 35-1號Ju Guo聚郭·創意鍋物-大社店
塵願 on Google

評價好吃 唯一美中不足的是音樂不要放熱門的又很大聲,很吵,用餐不是該放抒情輕音樂嗎?建議可以改善的話會更優喔
Reviews are delicious The only fly in the ointment is that the music should not be popular and loud and noisy. Shouldn't the meal be played with lyrical light music? If it can be improved, it will be better
Kenji Le (阿格斯100%) on Google

$140~250⬆️This kind of decoration and this kind of self-service bar is very ok. Rice minced pork, toast jam, instant noodles and various beverages. There are also hot drinks machine. There are also two kinds of ice products. Full, the disadvantage is that there are less hot pot ingredients. For those who want to eat a full meal, they may have to eat more rice and instant noodles.
姜宇軒 on Google

有確認過外觀無破損 一看到整個傻眼 居然半杯都不到
It has been confirmed that the appearance is not damaged When I saw the whole Not even half a cup
Ulla Hsieh on Google

這個價位有冰淇淋跟白飯麵類吃到飽很不錯,可惜湯頭味道沒有很滿意。看店內常滿座,一直很想來吃吃看,但吃完後有些失望。 點了麻辣牛奶鍋,只有一些辣,奶味完全沒有,取而代之的是柴魚很甜的味道。南瓜牛奶鍋也只有柴魚高湯的味道,找不到牛奶在哪裡。希望店家可以調整一下湯頭,更滑順濃郁。 加點了滷大腸,是我為此店加分的地方,很入味,份量也很足!
Ice cream and rice noodles at this price are good all-you-can-eat, but the soup tastes not very satisfying. The shop is often full, and I have always wanted to come and eat, but I was a little disappointed after eating. I ordered the spicy milk pot, only some spicy, no milk flavor at all, replaced by the sweet taste of bonito. The pumpkin milk pot also only smells of bonito broth, and I can't find where the milk is. I hope the store can adjust the soup to make it smoother and richer. I added some braised large intestines, which is a bonus point for this shop. It is very tasty and the portion is very generous!
吳佳勳 on Google

點了麻辣鴨血臭臭鍋 只有一塊鴨血 其他2~3塊是豬血 有種被騙了的感覺……
Ordered the spicy duck blood stinky pot Only a piece of duck blood The other 2~3 pieces are pig blood I feel cheated...
H,CHENG C on Google

Alphonse Inbaraj on Google

It's really cheap and good than other hot-spot. Because starts from 150nt$.. Good for bachelors and family members also
James Hudson Taylor V on Google

Very affordable and tasty. The price was fair for the amount of food included and actually had a decent amount of vegetables. There are plenty of options for soups (the two pictured are the shacha barbecue pot with pork and the kimchi pot with beef), meats, sides, and vegetables. The restaurant includes unlimited self-serve rice, ramen, drinks, ice-cream, as well as the basic dipping sauces. The staff was generally attentive and helped us with whatever we needed. Would definitely recommend, especially for large groups.

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