Kaohsiung City Government Police Bureau - Sanmin District

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Contact Kaohsiung City Government Police Bureau

地址 :

No. 366號, Juemin Rd, Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 807

電話 : 📞 +88798
城市 : Kaohsiung City

No. 366號, Juemin Rd, Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 807
翊恩988 on Google

那天天氣很冷 警員態度非常好 那天跟別灣家受了傷 警員幫我擦藥泡了一杯熱茶 手銬鬆緊程度剛好 兒童也適用 下次一定會再度光臨此地!
The weather was very cold that day, and the police officer had a very good attitude. The police officer helped me rub medicine and make a cup of hot tea with the Biewan family that day. The tightness of the handcuffs is just right for children. I will definitely visit this place again next time!
Kent Shu on Google

The entire red line on Juemin Road is illegally parked and the sidewalk is full of locomotives. The policemen are like ghosts covering their eyes, but they can’t see them. Bad police station.
蕭昱哲 on Google

Is it a public hazard to record videos with my mobile phone while riding a bicycle with one hand?
Katie Fang (KT棠記-養肌養心變美麗) on Google

民眾們可以站在大昌二路全聯門口瘋狂拍照檢舉臨停喔^_^幫助三民二分局增加業績 整個大昌路人行道都是你的舞台^_−☆ 乾
People can stand at the gate of Quanlian on Dachang 2nd Road and take crazy photos to report and stop ^_^ to help Sanmin Second Branch increase its performance The entire Dachang Road sidewalk is your stage^_−☆ dry
李Ming on Google

It’s the end of the year, and there’s no funding, and I’m starting to grab the people’s money. Don’t "do not have money" and stop the site to catch violations. I want to catch it "every day". Anyway, you are very disgusted 😁
陳冠宇 on Google

很高興認識你們 「感謝您」 高雄有你們這群警察同仁真的很棒 來自 高雄市三民區自由一路35號 咖哩小宇留
Nice to meet you "thank you" Kaohsiung is really great to have you police colleagues From No. 35, Freedom 1st Road, Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City Curry Xiaoyu Liu
娘砲崽 on Google

廢警坐辦公室開單還要嫌,洩漏民眾個資給議員 丟臉
It’s even too much for the abandoned police to sit in the office and issue the bills, and they are embarrassed by leaking the people’s wealth to the councillors.
蔡欣宜 on Google

太扯 7月底我人跟車都已經在台中 家裡卻收到9/1在三民區違規的罰單 看到罰單 9619?我的車牌9679 以後能在檢查一次嗎 收到罰單真的很錯愕
Too ridiculous. At the end of July, my people and the car are already in Taichung The family received a fine for violation in Sanmin District on 9/1 See the ticket 9619? My license plate 9699 Can I check it again in the future? I was really surprised to receive the ticket.

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