Kaohsiung Qishan Confucius Temple - No. 1號鼓山公園 Qishan District

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No. 1號鼓山公園 Qishan District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 842

電話 : 📞 +88789
城市 : Kaohsiung City

No. 1號鼓山公園 Qishan District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 842
Ling Chen on Google

Drive to the parking lot halfway up the mountain, walk up the stairs of the shrine and you can reach the Confucius Temple. The view is great and the breeze is very comfortable. I don't know if it's too late or it's a pity that the park is not open. It's a good place to take pictures. See you next time.
Yi-Tsung Li on Google

You can learn about the culture of Confucius Temple, the environment is beautiful, it is quite suitable for walking, and you can have a bird's-eye view of Qishan, which is very beautiful! The predecessor of the Qishan Confucius Temple was the Qishan Shrine built during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan. After Japan surrendered in World War II and the Nationalist government took over Taiwan, the building of the shrine was destroyed. Until 1983, under the promotion of Cai Mingyao, the then magistrate of Kaohsiung County, the Qishan Shrine was converted into a Confucius Temple in Kaohsiung County. After two years of construction, it was completed and opened in 1985. After the merger of Kaohsiung City, County and City in 2010, the merged Kaohsiung City has the Zuoying Confucius Temple established by the original Kaohsiung City and the Qishan Confucius Temple in the former Kaohsiung County. The Confucius Grand Ceremony was changed to be held in turn on both sides to solve the situation of double-packing in the Confucius Temple. The main buildings of the Confucian Temple: Lingxingmen, Dachengmen, Dacheng Hall, Dongxihu, and Chongsheng Temple are listed in front of you in turn. The temple is magnificent and magnificent. It is located on an independent and lofty platform. There is Danchi in front of it. This is the place where the dance is performed when offering sacrifices to Confucius. A sense of solemnity.
梁秀竹(小竹) on Google

參觀孔廟如果有開車,可到上面的停車場,可以不用走太多樓梯;從平面走樓梯上來,不要走神社遺址的樓梯,因為走到底是汽車道,要多繞一下柏油路,不然就會變成在路邊翻牆,回原本往孔廟的樓梯,孔廟的樓梯跟台北故宮有點像,有幾層交疊,不像神社是直通到底的。 樓梯登到最高處,回頭往旗山老街/市區方向看,是很好的觀景平台,沒什麼遮蔽物可看見街區與山景,會有人坐在樓梯上野餐看風景聊天,很愜意。 樓梯到孔廟之間有個很大的廣場,會有人在這休閒運動,旁邊還有像公園的兒童遊戲區。 若要去旗山老街沒停車位,靠近孔廟的平面馬路,有路邊停車格蠻好停的。
If you have a car to visit the Confucian Temple, you can go to the parking lot above, and you don’t need to take too many stairs; take the stairs from the plane, don’t take the stairs of the shrine ruins, because it is a car road to the end, you have to go around the asphalt road more, otherwise it will become Climb the wall on the side of the road and go back to the original stairs to the Confucius Temple. The stairs of the Confucian Temple are a bit like the Taipei Forbidden City, with several layers overlapping, unlike the shrine that leads straight to the end. Climb the stairs to the top and look back towards Qishan Old Street/city area. It is a good viewing platform. There are no shelters to see the block and mountain scenery. Some people will sit on the stairs to have a picnic, watch the scenery and chat, which is very pleasant. There is a large square between the stairs and the Confucian Temple, where people will play leisurely, and there is a children's play area like a park next to it. If you want to go to Qishan Old Street, there is no parking space. On the flat road near the Confucian Temple, there is a street parking space that is good for parking.
joe Chen on Google

Justin Huang on Google

Good place for kids.
she nathan on Google

Very good
Alexandre Bento Freire on Google

It reminds me the forbidden city without the crowds
Marie Burchill on Google

Beautiful, if you have a bit of historical background, you can really be impressed by the details.

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