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No. 308號, Erling Rd, Xiaogang District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 812

電話 : 📞 +887889
城市 : Kaohsiung City

No. 308號, Erling Rd, Xiaogang District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 812
陳阿西 on Google

小港機車老店 老師傅老經驗 歡迎舊雨新知蒞臨指教
Xiaogang locomotive shop, old masters and old experience, welcome old rain and new knowledge to come and give advice
洪小賢 on Google

服務不好 我說東他說西 推卸責任
The service is not good
Vicki on Google

不老實 2月換電瓶 8月就沒電了
Dishonest Change the battery in February and run out of battery in August
鄭振閣 on Google

換皮帶+機油1950 機油(報價換250) 所以是皮帶換1700嚕..... 但沒辦法 早上8點只有他開 只能怪自己沒先問皮帶更換價格 至於底下評論說換機油 會有什麼其他服務 我是沒遇到啦 是早餐店隔壁KYMCO這家 不是三角窗這家喔
Change belt + oil 1950 Engine oil (quoted for 250) So the belt is changed to 1700 Lu... But there is no way. He only drove it at 8 o'clock in the morning. I can only blame myself for not asking the price of the belt replacement first. As for the comment below, what other services will be available for changing the oil, I haven’t encountered it It’s the KYMCO next to the breakfast shop, not the triangle window shop
韋曉薇 on Google

The boss has a bad attitude, the staff is enthusiastic and energetic. Such a good employee doesn't expect much encouragement from the boss.
-Link南區負責人 TP on Google

The price of the locomotive is very favorable, the service speed is very fast, and the focus will not always require the guest to stay overnight.
Ni on Google

如果有問題想解決諮詢 建議不要找老老闆 摩托車鎖卡死想求助 但卻得到冷眼看待 可能真的生意真的很好吧🤣 後續去其他間機車行 師父說問題很簡單不收費 很認真的講解為什麼會有這種情況 想花錢還是找對專業 老人家可能不會在意這種評論 但還是想提醒年輕人
Consult if you have any questions Recommend not to look for the old boss Motorcycle lock stuck and want help but was treated coldly Maybe business is really good 🤣 Follow up to other locomotives Master said that the problem is very simple and there is no charge Seriously explain why this is the case Want to spend money or find the right professional The elderly may not care about such comments But still want to remind young people
承樹張 on Google

Unscrupulous motorcycle dealer, the faucet lock was replaced three years ago. Although it took three years, the lock was broken last year and moved to this shop and replaced it with a 1200 worse lock. Every time it rains, the lock gets stuck and rusted. . Always have a bottle of WD40 on hand.

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