MARS創客-高雄商務辦公會議中心 - Zuoying District

4.2/5 基於 8 評論

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813, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Zuoying District, Mingcheng 2nd Rd, 524號MARS創客-高雄商務辦公會議中心2樓

電話 : 📞 +88777
Postal code : 2
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城市 : nd Rd

813, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Zuoying District, Mingcheng 2nd Rd, 524號MARS創客-高雄商務辦公會議中心2樓
薛巧萍 on Google

The meals are delicious, diversified from light meals to dinners, the drinks are also delicious, it is suitable for dinner and good places, and the seats are very comfortable and easy to relax. You can also enjoy discounts for friends who are online, and you can also make small group appointments Dinner reservations, will come again in the afternoon
Chen Wei-Tsung on Google

Middle price, suitable for multi-person dining, with vegetarian food! + Line can enjoy 5% off, just deduct 5% service charge. The waiter smiled.
竺竺 on Google

用餐環境優美氣氛佳 服務態度好 餐點份量足
The dining environment is beautiful, the atmosphere is good, the service attitude is good, the meals are sufficient
Huang Amber on Google

The Caesar salad is delicious and enough. The 260 yuan stewed rice is a bit small, but the tender chicken is great. The thick soup feels a little light at first, but when it cools, it tastes rich and delicious. The dining space is comfortable. No service fee.
on Google

The overall meal is about 3.5 stars, the portion is relatively small, the food seasoning is okay, but it may not be long after the new opening, the staff feels quite unfamiliar with the order for a long time
Annie C on Google

Great location
大陽國際實業有限公司 on Google

Very Good!
Jennifer Lin on Google

Nice place to meet up with friends or have an interview, delicious food.

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