MRT Formosa Boulevard Station - Xinxing District

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地址 :

Xinxing District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 800

城市 : Kaohsiung City

Xinxing District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 800
Andy Chen on Google

好奇怪的標示,電梯下到月台層,身障專用標示的門,居然是告訴我們要往前走,標示應該在地面或是其他,牆面吧, 初到貴寶地的人一定一頭栽進這個不是身障專用車廂的門進去, 真是大誤導,何況應該是身障車廂而非身障專用車廂呀! 進到身障專用車廂中也只能在車廂入口的斜對角佔到一個小位置,更重要的事,該位置站了一位小姐,居然還不會讓位,真是無言. 一般身障位的安排一定是離出入口的旁邊,最近最方便的位置,高雄的交通車輛設計真是與眾不同 "Wheelchair users only" 外國朋友來還以為身障者有VIP 車廂哩.
What a strange sign, the elevator down to the platform level, the door with a special sign for the disabled actually tells us to go forward, the sign should be on the ground or other, the wall, people who are new to the precious land must fall into this It is really misleading to enter the door of a special car for disability, not to mention that it should be a car for the disability instead of a car for the disability! Entering into the car for the disability can only occupy a small position diagonally at the entrance of the car, and more importantly. , There was a lady standing in this position, but she still wouldn't give way, it was really speechless. In general, the arrangement of the handicap must be next to the entrance and exit, the nearest and most convenient location. The design of Kaohsiung's transportation vehicles is really different. "Wheelchair users only" foreign friends come to think that the disabled have VIP cars.
simpletheng雯婷 on Google

Fire and Water Element 👍
Kritsada Chaitham on Google

Beautify MRT station
Alberto Antoniazzi on Google

Beautiful colored glass architecture
Ching Ong on Google

largest glass work by an italian designer. so beautiful
Why-U ? on Google

Creative design. It brighten an otherwise same old station. The art is too abstract to understand.
Slava Chrome on Google

It's nice to see by your own eyes. It will not take much time. Great glass art made by , if i am not wrong, by italian designer. Also you may enjoy playing on piano, of course if you know how to do ir)
Ann Yong on Google

This station is just simply gorgeous. The lighting is one of the attractions within Kaohsiung city. Come here morning to avoid crown and to take greater photo. Live piano is played during the day. There are chairs for tourists to enjoy the light while listening to the music. Very attractive and interesting.

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