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722, Taiwan, Tainan City, Jiali District, 269號 National Beimen Senior High School

電話 : 📞 +887
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城市 : Jiali District

722, Taiwan, Tainan City, Jiali District, 269號 National Beimen Senior High School
梅屋十手 on Google

It has nothing to do with Beizhong, but the guard is really a locomotive, very friendly to the teacher and instructor, and very impatient with us, often staying north there.
ùwú on Google

Not bad, although there are some problems, but there is hope for improvement
李東儒 on Google

This is Beimen High School
Jonathan 金. (米迦勒) on Google

A good school with excellent evaluation, whether it is academic or sports performance, is deeply affirmed.
陳俊豪 on Google

雖然我們不是升學重點學校 但每年都有可以上台清交成頂尖大學的學生 校風自由 還有獨具特色的榕園作為學校代表性的服裝 一群人穿著各式色彩的榕園走在上學路上是十分壯觀的 紅磚外牆的教學大樓讓整體看起來並非死氣沉沉 每逢放學或假日時刻 運動場總是充滿著當屆學生 歷屆校友 還有附近的社區居民 讓校園總是充滿著活力 這裡是北中 孕育著我和我的朋友 學長姐和學弟妹們的場所 它永遠是我們的家 也歡迎各位有空能來走走看看噢
Although we are not a key school for further studies But every year, there are students who can go to the stage to clear and become top universities. Free school style and unique banyan garden as the school's representative clothing. A group of people wear various colors of banyan garden. Walking on the road to school is a spectacular red brick exterior teaching building that makes the whole look not lifeless. The sports ground is always full of current students, alumni of the past, and residents of nearby communities to make the campus full of vitality. This is the place where Beizhong gave birth to me and my friends, seniors and siblings. It will always be our home, and you are welcome to come and see if you have time.
Nonno Yu on Google

有時候一顆老鼠屎壞了一鍋粥! 尤其是事務部門的某人跟, 講話不負責任!
Sometimes a mouse droppings ruin a pot of porridge! Especially someone from the affairs department, Talking is irresponsible!
Kerdia K' on Google

During the Japanese occupation period, the campus of Beimen High School was originally the outer garden of Beimen Shrine in the east and Jiali Ordinary High School in the west. The main hall and worship hall of the shrine are located in Jinjiali Park.
Jason L on Google

A quiet place and full of memories

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