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No. 18之1號, Haifeng St, Pingtung City, Pingtung County, Taiwan 900

電話 : 📞 +88877
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城市 : Pingtung County

No. 18之1號, Haifeng St, Pingtung City, Pingtung County, Taiwan 900
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陳明朗 on Google

If there is a murder incident here, and you don’t know the policemen inside, don’t report it here, otherwise you will be murdered to report the case, and those who hurt you will be sanctioned by law, and thousands of others will wait for you. The reported case was eaten. . People who have experienced it personally have me.
屏東晉達輪胎行 on Google

The quality of the police is very poor, and the attitude is not good. I always asked which school graduated. Is there any need to explain the graduation in the education level note? The policeman also said that if I was curious, I would like to ask. I really want to know how to pinch (sneer), and I also have questions about my work attitude. May I ask if I need to repair the car again? ? Of course, no one can make mistakes. The point is to handle things well. On the other hand, the attitude of police officers in urban areas is really different. Could you please learn from the police officers in urban areas?
潘怡靜 on Google

警察叔叔人很好,報案途中還請吃水果XD 中午剛報完案 晚上就解決了 令人驚艷的快速處理😊
The uncle of the police is very nice, please eat fruit during the report XD Reported at noon Solved at night Stunning and fast processing😊
金吉陳 on Google

感謝警察帥哥哥 凌晨1至2點多拿回皮夾 我得皮夾證件駕照找回來 可惜的是在高雄左營蓮池潭看熱鬧 完回到家裡發現皮夾遺失不見 不曉得皮夾跑屏東會在哪裡被人家撿到交給你們派出所 很感謝那位人家謝謝 我深深感激不盡 謝謝你們幸苦 新年快樂
Thank you handsome policeman Get back your wallet from 1 to 2 in the morning I have to get my wallet ID and driver's license It’s a pity to watch the excitement at the lotus pond in Zuoying, Kaohsiung After returning home, I found the wallet was missing. I don’t know where the wallet will be found in Pingtung and handed over to your police station. Thank you very much. I am deeply grateful, thank you for your hard work happy New Year
小怡 on Google

The police officers in the district have a very poor attitude. The victims were reported violently, and the victims were asked to reconcile in private. After expressing the poor attitude of the police officers with the social workers, they even ranted, and the tone was too bad. Will bully foreigners, regardless of public and private matters. After entering the criminal law procedure with the perpetrator, he also said to the victim that "the perpetrator will be released after detention for 24 hours at most. It will not protect the victim and is useless to the victim." Words, is this the attitude that police officers should have for justice? ?

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