Qigu Salt Mountain - No. 66號鹽埕里 Qigu District

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地址 :

No. 66號鹽埕里 Qigu District, Tainan City, Taiwan 724

電話 : 📞 +8878
網站 : http://cigu.tybio.com.tw/
城市 : Tainan City
Description : Attraction with a mountain made of salt, bumper boats, go karts & exhibits about the salt industry.

No. 66號鹽埕里 Qigu District, Tainan City, Taiwan 724
Tom on Google

Interesting place not too far from Tainan. Big mound of salt is the attraction here with different cartoon character statues around. The highlight is probably walking up to the top of the mound and getting a good view of nearby areas. Tried the salty flavour ice cream. Must say it's a very interesting taste. There's a souvenir store and a shed with some old machinery with sand and salt sculptures.
Andrew Chwee on Google

It looks like an abandoned salt mine but it’s a tourist spot. I can see that everything here is left to decay after they tried to make it interesting. However due to the salt around the area, nothing grows. This place is too exposed to the elements. Even the salt hill which I was standing on TOP looks boring. The food there is not worth eating. If you don’t drive, make sure you have the taxi waiting for you. Your tour will end within 30 mins since it’s so hot. Note that there a museum which you can visit, ask the information counter (that may extend your visit to about an hour to max 1.5 hours)
Angel Tsai on Google

Here is family friendly place. Just pay for 100NT for parking and you can enjoy and salt hill hike, many activities for salt making and photo spot. Bring kids here and you can spent half day at least for fun.
dlturn Ma on Google

This place is great. On the surface, it's not much different than many other temples, but it is huge, has towering guardians at the entrance, and apparently is a place to receive blessings for married couples. The walls of each floor leading to the top are covered in wedding photos. The earliest I found was 1989. There is a very small museum. It's easy enough to get here. Take the 99 towards Cigu Salt Mountain. The bus stop is immediately outside the temple.
Cyndy Kao on Google

Really unique pile of salt that is reminiscent of snow on a mountain. They had a salt sculpture exhibit when I went 6/2020. The ice cream bars that they sell have a sweet/salty quality to them. I wanted to check out the salt museum but its apparently closed on Wednesdays
TaiJuanderer on Google

Be careful when going up to the salt mountain, hold on the rope because when you step on crystal salt may cause you slide. We did not pay for entrance fee except for car park of 100NTD. Good experince though....😊😊❤️❤️😊😊
Martin Marc-Olivier on Google

It's a large area with the salt mountain as main interest but it also proposes some salt carving area (similar to sand carving on some beaches), various casts or sculptures which decorated the salt heap along the years, a quad racing square, pedal boats on nearby pond, few shops for a snack, some information about extracting salt and toilets. All in all, it's not bad but not exceptional either because each activity is rather small or limited. The fee for climbing the salt heap is limited to the car parking fee which is 100 TWD, it's therefore quite reasonable outing.
Love Ukulele on Google

Interesting place Entrance fee NT$100 per car, parking space included

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