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Ruisui Township, Hualien County, Taiwan 978

城市 : Hualien County

Ruisui Township, Hualien County, Taiwan 978
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Located in one of the stations of the Huadong Rift Valley Railway, in the villages in the fields, as long as the train enters the settlement, it is equivalent to parking for loading and unloading passengers and goods. There is no urban hustle and bustle and fast pace here, leisure and tranquility are considered. Take advantage of all the East Rift Valley stations!
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20210331環島來的東部車站之一,據了解建築造型之波浪與層層交疊,除了與後方山脈呼應外,最主要是想呈現出瑞穗舊稱「水尾」的流動感,在我感覺上,搭配其灰階面材,有比較黯淡一點,但倒是能有種融入當地的效果,自然面向多一點,而且也為車站增添很高的現代感,另外在屋頂下部的牆面上選擇以有色玻璃做立面,增添了一些空間,帶來水的流動感,也為一層室內導入光線。 室內部分的話,主要車站服務範圍都在地下一層,包含大廳、檢票口與售票口,其他一層的空間當時都是空的,應該未來有租借的使用可能,不然滿可惜的;地下的部分,在售票處過去連接著一條長廊,有一些資訊或展覽,另外我本身不太喜歡售票及檢票處那裡,覺得對於一個大廳來說有點狹窄,或許是想以動線橫向直接連接著檢票口,讓長廊成為焦點,但我覺得還有進步的空間,可以更好,目前感覺比較像完美中的一點瑕疵。 有一個地方滿喜歡的,在於可以直接穿越站體到另一側看火車,而不用特別買票什麼的,對於這種大站除了在跨站式站體上透過玻璃看之外,應該是很少見了,覺得不錯,可以推薦沒搭車的人來這裡看看火車。
20210331 One of the eastern stations around the island. It is understood that the waves and layers of the architectural shape overlap, in addition to echoing the mountains behind, the most important thing is to show the flow of Ruisui's old name "water tail". In my opinion, it is matched The gray-scale surface material is a little darker, but it can have a local effect. It is more natural, and it also adds a high modern sense to the station. In addition, colored glass is selected on the wall under the roof. The façade adds some space, brings a sense of water flow, and also introduces light into the interior of the first floor. For the indoor part, the service area of ​​the main station is on the basement floor, including the lobby, ticket gates and ticket booths. The spaces on the other floors were empty at the time and should be leased in the future, otherwise it would be a pity; the underground part is in The ticket office used to be connected to a long corridor with some information or exhibitions. In addition, I don’t like the ticket sales and check-in offices. I think it’s a bit narrow for a hall. Maybe I want to connect the ticket gates horizontally with a moving line. The promenade has become the focus, but I think there is still room for improvement, and it can be better. It feels more like a flaw in perfection at the moment. One place I really like is that you can directly cross the station body to see the train on the other side without having to buy a special ticket. For this kind of large station, besides seeing through the glass on the cross-station station body, it should be very good. It's rare, I think it's good, you can recommend people who don't have a ride to come here to see the train.
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Hualien's unique blue sky! Unforgettable! Keep people coming back! not tired 👍
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It was not ok.
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Budget Train to other towns of Hualien / Taidong
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Beautiful station
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In rennovation, ticket selling window is very kind, he understand that I am foreigner n allocate me a left seating that facing the sea will definatelt come bc again in future =)

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