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802, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Lingya District, Sanduo 2nd Rd, 62號Sony Mobile -高雄三多(正新通信有限公司)

電話 : 📞 +887777
Postal code : 2
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城市 : nd Rd

802, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Lingya District, Sanduo 2nd Rd, 62號Sony Mobile -高雄三多(正新通信有限公司)
李沛縈 on Google

老闆維修很給力 報價實在 947快修把我的鏡頭弄壞 947維修員還跟我說拆開手機螢幕會壞掉 ,修理螢幕拆開壞掉機率高,到時得多花3000元修螢幕,一直勸我不要修理 ,叫我鏡頭壞掉就壞掉勉強將就用 多虧sony三多老闆,拆我的手機螢幕都沒事 還現場幫我把鏡頭修理好 太感恩了😭
The boss repairs very well, the quote is real 947 Fix it and break my lens The 947 repairman also told me that the screen of the mobile phone would be broken if it was opened. Repairing the screen would have a high chance of breaking it. At that time, it would cost me 3000 yuan to repair the screen. He kept persuading me not to repair it. then apply Thanks to Sony’s Sanduo boss, it’s okay to open my phone screen I helped me fix the lens on the spot, so grateful 😭
呂翊群 on Google

謝謝老闆細心解說,維修費用 價格也合理!手機維修還是交 給專業的比較有保障~
Thank you boss for your careful explanation and maintenance costs The price is reasonable too! Mobile phone repair or hand in It's more secure for professionals~
Shouta Chan on Google

本來電池斷貨已心灰意冷地準備換機 因為老板po出的電池進貨照 讓我決定來這裡碰碰運氣 沒想到真的在這裡找到電池了 感謝老板的認真服務 讓我的手機重獲新生ˇˇ
Originally the battery was out of stock, and I was disheartened and ready to change the machine Because of the battery purchase photos from the boss po Made me decide to come here to try my luck I didn't expect to find the battery here Thank the boss for his serious service Give my phone a new lifeˇˇ
林上詠 on Google

前陣子心愛的手機摔了 心疼中 後來發現外殼沒密接就搜尋SONY MOBILE~發現高雄還蠻多間的~因為工作關係所以手機幾乎不離手. 詢問了幾間後回答都千篇一律~手機送公司 要4.5天後才可取~正鬱悶中時~發現正新這家公司可以當日送修當日取機~真好~當下下班後就直接去了三多路~老闆很斯文 講解也很專業~一看就直接指出是電池的問題不是摔壞了~我還心存懷疑請老闆叉開來給我看~噗 果真電池已經膨脹了~業餘的懷疑專業的就是指這個吧~(心虛~) 後來在老闆的細心跟專業的維修後~手機恢復了~謝謝老闆 專業迅速的服務 ^^
A while ago, my beloved mobile phone fell into distress and I found out that the casing was not tightly connected, so I searched for SONY MOBILE~ I found that there are quite a few in Kaohsiung~ Because of work relations, the mobile phone almost never leaves the hand. After asking a few, the answer is the same~ The mobile phone delivery company costs 4.5 It’s only available after days~ When I’m depressed~ I found that Zhengxin’s company can send it for repair on the same day and pick up the phone on the same day~ It’s great~ I went directly to Sanduo Road after work. The boss is very gentle and very professional. Point out that the battery problem is not broken~ I still have doubts, ask the boss to cross it and show it to me~ Puguo really the battery has swelled~ Amateur suspects professional refers to this~ (guilty of heart~) Later, the boss’s carefulness After repairing with a professional~ the phone is restored~ Thank you boss for the professional and prompt service^^
Kathy Hsieh on Google

The friendly service of the owner made us feel at ease. The boss is very patient with the elders, and the professional service is highly recommended.
Jack Lu on Google

The boss is careful in maintenance, the mobile phone is disassembled and the cause of the failure is explained in detail, and it is quickly repaired on site. A good store worth recommending
H Tsai on Google

大推 老闆人超好 做事又細心 把不可能化成可能 能夠處理的一定幫你處理到好 維修又快 跑那麼多間維修店的 真的只有這間值得我推的而已 大推大推👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Big push boss is super good at work and careful to turn the impossible into something that can be handled. I will definitely help you to handle it well and run quickly. There are so many repair shops really only this one is worth my push. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Han Han on Google

Excellent seller, highly recommended. Many .

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