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No. 137 之 3號, Jianguo 1st Rd, Lingya District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 802

電話 : 📞 +887
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城市 : Kaohsiung City

No. 137 之 3號, Jianguo 1st Rd, Lingya District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 802
年月 on Google

抽單機感覺有點故障,有時按了沒反應 門市人員態度良好,但送修物品修好了沒有打電話通知,還要自己打電話詢問⋯
Draw a single machine feels a bit faulty, sometimes no response when pressed The store staff has a good attitude, but the repaired items are repaired and there is no call to inform them, and they have to call to inquire by themselves...
麗玊 on Google

Careful and professional service, considerate for customers, recommend suitable accessories, and will not force sales.
林士閏 on Google

螢幕壞了從嘉義寄來送修,回到手上相機底部居然螺絲漏裝! 只好再寄回高雄補裝,又過了三天⋯螺絲是補上了,結果卻是一顆掉漆螺絲⋯ 後來發現,連我機身保護貼被夾到景觀窗裡面去了🤬 維修品質爛到不可思議,這樣也敢叫原廠認證維修站👎🏼
The screen was broken and I sent it from Chiayi for repair, but when I returned it to my hand, the screw was missing at the bottom of the camera! I had to send it back to Kaohsiung for reinstallation. Three days later... the screw was patched up, but it turned out to be a paint screw... Later I found out that even my body protection sticker was clipped into the landscape window🤬 The repair quality is incredible, so I dare to call the original factory certified repair station👎🏼
洪勝良 on Google

The service is very good. As soon as I entered, I was warmly received and directly repaired the laptop. It didn't take long for it to be repaired, thank you.
八才 on Google

面板三年前破損壞過 然後今年就開始跳針 換面板1萬二 都快可以買一台小米新機了😂 當時型號5萬多的電視用不到五年 而且內建軟體一直很累格 我老婆家也是這台 我的就特別頓(機王) 但服務人員追蹤熱切
The panel was damaged three years ago Then start jumping stitches this year Change the panel 12,000 I can almost buy a new Xiaomi phone 😂 TVs with more than 50,000 models at that time were less than five years old And the built-in software has always been tiring My wife's house is also Mine is special (Machine King) But the service staff tracked eagerly
Bernard Schonne on Google

Service ok
MZ20Uzkv on Google

Very efficient and professional services.
Liondean on Google

Nice service!

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