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國立台南第二高級中學 - Tnssh.tn.edu.tw


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No. 125號, Section 2, Beimen Rd, North District, Tainan City, Taiwan 704

電話 : 📞 +88
網站 : https://www.tnssh.tn.edu.tw/
城市 : Tainan City

No. 125號, Section 2, Beimen Rd, North District, Tainan City, Taiwan 704
楊茵綺Monica on Google

Take the nine o’clock exam, and you’re told that you can only enter the gate at eight when you arrive at the scene? A bunch of people squat or stand outside, is this pretty? There is no place for the locomotive to stop, and there is no convenient store nearby. What should I do if I ask someone? After entering the school, no one was allowed to rest in the classroom. A bunch of people squatted in the hallway and it was hot and crowded... It's really a very unfriendly school, no wonder you can only be the second middle school.
木木 on Google

突然逛來二中的地標看看,好多回憶湧上心頭。記憶中的仁愛樓已經拆除,回想下課鐘一響從旁邊逃生梯衝下去佔球場的畫面,真是歷歷在目。 包括香腸教官雞掰的臉(逃)~~
Suddenly strolling around the landmarks of No. 2 Middle School, a lot of memories came to my mind. The Ren'ai Building in my memory has been demolished. It is vivid to recall the picture of the emergency ladder rushing down to occupy the stadium as soon as the school bell rings. Including the face of the sausage instructor's chicken breaking (escape)~~
黏菌 on Google

It's easy to enter, the environment is good, there are a lot of mosquitoes, and sometimes it smells a bit
李承恩 on Google

Today's curry fried noodle meat is super spicy, I didn't pay attention to the students' tolerance
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Historical school since 1914
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