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地址 :

514, Taiwan, Changhua County, Xihu Township, Section 1, Erxi Rd, 88號TEA TOP 第一味 溪湖二溪店

電話 : 📞 +8888
網站 : http://www.teatop-one.com.tw/
Opening hours :
Wednesday 9AM–9PM
Thursday 9AM–9PM
Friday 9AM–9PM
Saturday 9AM–9PM
Sunday 9AM–9PM
Monday 9AM–9PM
Tuesday 9AM–9PM
城市 : Erxi Rd

514, Taiwan, Changhua County, Xihu Township, Section 1, Erxi Rd, 88號TEA TOP 第一味 溪湖二溪店
孫忠華 on Google

I like to drink their green tea 3 points sweet, not bitter, the store said they are using sugar, like
沈建華 on Google

服務態度好 為顧客著想 加上用料也好 請繼續保持 👍👍👍
Good service attitude For the sake of customers Plus the materials Please keep it up 👍👍👍
77 on Google

7點而已 沒有珍珠 沒有粉粿 沒有芋圓 沒有紅茶 那請問你是準備要倒了嗎?
It’s only 7 o’clock, no pearls, no noodles, no taro balls, no black tea, are you ready to pour it?
何熊 on Google

The drink was pretty good, but one of the clerks had a very bad attitude. If there is no service enthusiasm, just go to the factory to stay. The whole good mood is destroyed
沛沛 on Google

I like to drink the drinks here, especially the taro sago and Xiangsi Q milk. The ingredients are rich and the service is very polite.
蔡皓宇 on Google

每次買的去冰都不會去冰,二溪店店長到底還管不管? 買回來,大概都會有70%機率沒去冰,很少次才剛好有去冰,感覺好像我是買冰的,去冰才是做錯一樣。 因為我每次都是買5送1的,根本沒時間去檢查有沒有冰,能不能認真一點 我知道有些飲料店去冰會有小碎冰,但絕對不會像 這杯飲料大概放了半小時要喝還是有冰塊(如圖) 可見他一開始就沒去冰 非常不建議大家去買,品質不顧,商品亂做🤬
Every time I buy it, I will not go to the ice. The manager of the Erxi store does not care about it? After buying it, there will be a 70% chance of not removing ice. Very few times, it happens to be removed. It feels as if I bought ice and I did it wrong. Because I always buy 5 get 1 free, I don’t have time to check if there is ice, can I be more serious I know that some beverage shops will have small crushed ice when going to the ice, but it will never look like This glass of drink has been left for about half an hour to drink and there are still ice cubes (pictured) It can be seen that he didn't go to ice at the beginning It is not recommended that everyone buy it, regardless of the quality, the goods are made randomly 🤬
船梨子 on Google

Why can't we change fresh milk, the same chain store in Taichung can do it, the attitude of the working student's younger brother is very bad
He Biyo on Google

沒辦法刷載具 收銀員的態度不是很好 好像欠他錢一樣,勉強回應你這樣 飲料中規中矩

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