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Danei District, Tainan City, Taiwan 742

城市 : Tainan City

Danei District, Tainan City, Taiwan 742
王嘉德 on Google

The scenery is beautiful, but unfortunately the facilities are almost damaged, and no one will come to rest
邵少卿 on Google

The toilet is very clean and has no odor, and the cleaning staff worked hard.
洪祈財 on Google

The wanderer returned to his hometown for the New Year and went to the park to walk around. The equipment is like a message on the Internet, but the environmental toilet is meaningless.
黃若詒 on Google

Giving one star is too much. It is the most terrifying of the parent-child parks I have ever visited. The slides are full of broken rocks and fallen leaves, and the horizontal bars corrode the remaining half of the supporting beams. It is not recommended at all. Adults feel that It's terrible, let alone with children
Wen Ke Weng on Google

Almost no one went, and the facilities were damaged in many places.
溫金良 on Google

腹地廣闊,交通方便,風景優美,林象很棒,適合親子活動,散步,運動,賞鳥 111年,公園內整個翻修了,包括2座廁所,清新,明亮,連殘障廁所也是很人性。道路整潔,路樹圍籬修剪。可以說已經是脫胎換骨一般,甚至晚上時段,園區廣場照明光亮,,感謝政府的德政
The hinterland is vast, the transportation is convenient, the scenery is beautiful, the forest elephants are great, suitable for parent-child activities, walking, sports, bird watching In 111, the entire park was renovated, including 2 toilets, fresh, bright, and even the disabled toilets are very humane. The roads are clean and the road hedges are trimmed. It can be said that it has been reborn. Even at night, the park square is brightly lit. Thank you for the government's good governance.
a1133333 on Google

20211018 拜訪,真得可惜 設施都已經損壞,雜草叢生,淤泥積地。 是個遠離塵囂的地方,空氣沒有灰塵,很靜很淨,若沒有以上的缺點是還不錯,真得可惜!!台灣公共建設的缺點。
Visit at 20211018, it's a pity that the facilities have been damaged, weeds are overgrown, and the silt is piled up on the ground. It's a place far away from the hustle and bustle. The air is dust-free, very quiet and clean. If it does not have the above shortcomings, it is not bad, what a pity! ! The shortcomings of Taiwan's public construction.
George Chang on Google

環境髒亂,浪費政府資源, 廁所髒亂不勘,設備均已損害, 無人管理與維護,社會安全死角,
The environment is messy, wasting government resources, The toilets are dirty and unchecked, and the equipment has been damaged. Unmanned management and maintenance, social security blind spot,

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