Zhongzuzuche-Tainanbeimen Station - North District

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No. 101, Section 2, Beimen Rd, North District, Tainan City, Taiwan 704

電話 : 📞 +88
網站 : https://www.rentalcar.com.tw/
城市 : Tainan City

No. 101, Section 2, Beimen Rd, North District, Tainan City, Taiwan 704
張宏名 on Google

I have been renting a car at the North Gate of Tainan, and 4/3 came to rent a car. One of the service staff in the store has a poor service attitude, and the explanation is not clear. When I encounter problems, I have to ask another gentleman for help. The whole car rental process is extremely messed up. Difference.
YiChi Huang (Laylay) on Google

服務態度非常良好 租車細節也有詳細說明 價格實惠,交車也很快速 前一晚也會再作詳細確認 車輛乾淨,車況也維持良好 還車時因行程延誤而延後還車 感謝服務人員給我們時間上很大彈性 超時計算也很優惠 目前已經在台東台中台南租車都找中租了 租車真的只推中租 未來有租車需求還是會找中租👍
Service attitude is very good Car rental details are also detailed Affordable and fast delivery I will confirm it again the night before. Vehicle is clean and in good condition Returning the car delayed due to trip delays Thanks to the service staff for giving us great flexibility in time Timeout calculations are also very favorable At present, I have already found a rental car in Taitung, Taichung and Tainan. Renting a car really only pushes the middle rent If there is a demand for car rental in the future, I will still find a middle renter👍
杜青峰 on Google

朋友介绍的,服务人员详细介绍 :仪表板 头灯 雨刷 冷气机各项功能的操作让我驾御起来得心应手, 每次和朋友从台北到台南 三天两夜 吃美食 南紡梦时代 三井Outlet 奇美博物馆 再开车到高雄的名胜景点 草衙道 西子湾 高雄梦时代 澄清湖 有多余的时间再开车到垦丁都选择中租租车的韩国现代车款丶 Toyota开起来就像开新买的汽车一样超順超爽的。我有台北·桃園·新竹·台中的朋友到台南旅遊都介绍朋友到距離台南火車站100公尺~距離台南轉運站168公尺之間的“台南中租租车北門站″,好朋友們都打手機向我感恩道謝。
Introduced by a friend, the service staff introduced in detail: The operation of the various functions of the dashboard headlight wiper air conditioner makes me control it with ease. Every time I go from Taipei to Tainan with my friends for three days and two nights to eat food Nanfang Dream Times Mitsui Outlet Chi Mei Museum again Drive to Kaohsiung's scenic spot, Cao Ya Road, Xizi Bay, Kaohsiung Dream Times, Qing Dynasty Lake cool. I have friends from Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, and Taichung who are traveling to Tainan, and they all introduce them to "Tainan Central North Gate Station", which is between 100 meters from Tainan Railway Station and 168 meters from Tainan Transfer Station. The phone thanked me.
つつじもり森 on Google

服務和車況都不錯喔 但速控上鎖蠻討厭的~
Service and condition are good But the speed control lock is quite annoying~
Helen on Google

來租了兩次,第一次電話裡聽到是有使用租車卷給的車輛款式只有一種,當下沒有多想可能就是很多人剛好在那天租車。過幾天我們預約第二次出去的車款,一樣聽到使用車卷只給一種車,之後請朋友幫我們問看看,聽到不是使用車卷就給了很多台車選,明明我們用的車卷,跟服務人員說的車也都是車卷可以使用的。為什麼還要說只有一台可以租? 當天到的時候服務小姐人員很差,講話都很不屑的,還一直強調如果怎樣什麼都要錢。一直錢來錢去的都要出去玩了聽了就很掃興,還告知我們說我們過幾天要約的那台車前幾天高速公路出車禍要換別台給我們,會不會太剛好?還是說因為我們用車卷不給想給我們租?而且如果真的是這樣為什麼當下沒有打電話跟我們說?還是我們到現場才跟我們說? 第一次租的台車剛好遇到下雨天雨刷整個刮不乾淨開起來超危險前方看得很吃力。 第二次去小姊服務跟第一次差很多,整個態度變好。 真的不想再遇到心情不好的小姐,也不想再這裡租車了。 滿常在不同縣市租車,台北服務是最好的👍👍👍台南市是遇到最差的👎👎👎
I came here to rent it twice. The first time I heard on the phone that there was only one type of vehicle that was given with a rental car roll. I didn't think much about it at the moment, maybe many people just rented a car on that day. In a few days, we made an appointment for the car model for the second time out. We heard that the car roll is only given to one kind of car. After that, we asked a friend to help us to check. Hearing that it was not a car roll, we gave a lot of cars to choose. Obviously, we used the car roll. , The cars that the service staff said are all car rolls that can be used. Why do you say only one can be rented? When I arrived that day, the service lady was very poor, she spoke disdainfully, and always emphasized that if you need money for everything. It's very disappointing to hear that money comes and goes all the time. He also told us that the car we were asking for a few days ago had a car accident on the expressway and needed to be replaced by another station. Wouldn't it be too good? Or do you want to rent it to us because we can't use the car roll? And if that's the case, why didn't you call us right now? Or did we just tell us when we got there? The trolley I rented for the first time happened to encounter a rainy day when the wipers were not clean, and it was extremely dangerous to drive. The second time I went to the little sister's service was much worse than the first time, and the whole attitude became better. I really don't want to meet a lady in a bad mood again, and I don't want to rent a car here again. I often rent cars in different counties and cities, Taipei service is the best👍👍👍Tainan is the worst 👎👎👎
冰淇淋 on Google

業者會將車子開到店面門口檢查 還車前30分鐘可以打電話告知
The operator will drive the car to the door of the store for inspection You can call 30 minutes before returning the car
林北啦 on Google

Antonius Steven on Google

The service is very good, the employee tried to explain to me very slowly about the process and assured me about everything. The car I got was new, the interior very clean and in excellent condition but a bit dirty outside (rented Honda city) The price was reasonable and they also could provide extra insurance (with extra money) Will rent again from this company next time for sure! P.S. Foreigner can rent in here with international driving license, employees also try to speak English if you cannot speak chinese ;)

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