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401, Taiwan, Taichung City, East District, Jingwu E Rd, 103號斯朵利髮型(台中精武店)

電話 : 📞 +88
網站 : https://www.sdoreehair.com.tw/
Opening hours :
Wednesday 10AM–8:30PM
Thursday 10AM–8:30PM
Friday 10AM–8:30PM
Saturday 10AM–8:30PM
Sunday 10AM–8:30PM
Monday 10AM–8:30PM
Tuesday 10AM–8:30PM
城市 : Jingwu E Rd

Mandy Lu on Google

一開始看網路評價有點怕怕的,但去了現場後遇見設計師Winnie 很親切很溫暖,處理護髮非常細心,負責洗頭髮的助理也很用心,還有附加肩頸按摩! 第一次到店體驗就有一種像家一樣的感覺,而且完全不推銷,非常舒服自在,值得推薦!
At first, I was a little scared to read the online reviews, but after I went to the scene, I met the designer Winnie. He was very kind and warm. He handled the hair care very carefully. The assistant in charge of washing the hair was also very careful. There is also a shoulder and neck massage! The first time you visit the store, there is a feeling of home, and there is no promotion at all, it is very comfortable and comfortable, and it is recommended!
Silvia on Google

很糟糕的服務態度,完全沒有任何品質可言,只會推銷賣卡,寧可去別家消費,也不想浪費錢在這種店家 !
Very bad service attitude, there is absolutely no quality at all, it only sells cards, I would rather go to another store to spend, and don't want to waste money in this kind of store!
張雄 on Google

太扯了 根本不會剪 剪刀拿不穩 分線不會夾 這樣還下來剪客人?剪到我害怕請求換人剪。 真的店家是否要檢討一下…真的是傻眼
It's too much to cut, the scissors can't be held steady, the line won't be clamped Then come down and cut the guests? Cut to the point where I'm afraid to ask for a replacement cut. Does the store really want to review it... Really dumbfounded
Chen Claire on Google

In life, the first hair salon that really can't stand it. I contacted my shop with more than five designers, only two were barely acceptable, and I scored a negative 10 million points for the overall service. I couldn’t bear it later, so I called the customer service to complain, and today I went to refund all the stored-value cards.
玖霄 on Google

This afternoon, I went to your shop to do a quick wash. The service was done by designer Justin No. 4. Although he was a boy, his movements were gentle and would not feel oppressive. The blow-drying process was also very careful.
温仁浤 on Google

On 2/21, there was originally a VIP roll upstairs for face treatment. At first, I asked what project I wanted to do, and I answered the face. Later, the beautician asked me if I wanted to get rid of acne. , otherwise it’s called a face), but the beautician didn’t say how much it would cost. After chatting, she said it would cost $1,688. Later, she said that she would ask the supervisor how to deal with it. The final amount was 20% off, and I had to pay $1,344. If both parties have said a good price at the beginning, there will be no such problems. If you are deceived, you will only be deceived once, there will be no second time, and you will not want to come here next time.
林KW on Google

第一次最好有心裡準備,99洗髮只是吸引顧客的方式,但是若願意按照設計師的建議做頭皮spa加洗髮花個680元 ,其實服務不差,頭皮肩頸放鬆都很舒服,吹頭髮也不會燙到頭皮和耳朵,從頭到尾都是同一個人服務,過程也不會一直講話問東問西的。 應該會在回來吧!如果$$夠的話?
For the first time, it is best to prepare in your heart. 99 shampoo is only a way to attract customers, but if you are willing to do scalp spa plus shampoo according to the designer's suggestion, it will cost 680 yuan. In fact, the service is not bad, and it is very comfortable to relax your scalp, shoulders and neck. Blowing your hair will not burn your scalp and ears, and the same person will serve you from beginning to end, and you will not keep talking and asking questions during the process. Should be back! If $$ is enough ?
王薏涵 on Google

扯到不能再扯,約莫七點多到店告知店員想做洗髮服務,店員告知約需等半小時以上請我至等候區稍後,過了半小時後我主動詢問店員,店員才告知今天無法提供服務大家要下班了。 若是這種狀況是否一開始店家就可以先告知,又或是評估後發現無法於今日提供服務但“主動告知”顧客,而不是讓顧客等了半小時後發現白等了。 令人傻眼,是不是其實店家在收集多元的一星評論?
I can’t talk anymore, I went to the store about seven o’clock and told the clerk that I wanted to do shampoo service. The clerk told me that I would have to wait for more than half an hour and asked me to go to the waiting area later. After half an hour, I took the initiative to ask the clerk, and the clerk told me today. Unable to provide service, everyone has to leave work. If this is the case, can the store inform the customer first, or after the evaluation, it is found that the service cannot be provided today, but "informed" the customer, instead of letting the customer wait for half an hour and then find that the wait is in vain. It's dumbfounding, is the store actually collecting multiple one-star reviews?

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