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920, Taiwan, Pingtung County, Chaozhou Township, Yanping Rd, 120之2號五鮮級平價鍋物-潮州延平店

電話 : 📞 +888789
網站 : https://www.5starlimitpot.com.tw/
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Wednesday 11AM–2AM
Thursday 11AM–2AM
Friday 11AM–2AM
Saturday 11AM–2AM
Sunday 11AM–2AM
Monday 11AM–2AM
Tuesday 11AM–2AM
城市 : Yanping Rd

920, Taiwan, Pingtung County, Chaozhou Township, Yanping Rd, 120之2號五鮮級平價鍋物-潮州延平店
鄭小珺 on Google

為什麼每次去都沒有單點豆皮呢? 但湯頭裡怎麽都還會附…不是很毛頓.. 問了店員竟然只是傻笑帶過…妳們的菜單也沒寫停售啊
Why is there no single order of tofu skin every time I go there? But the soup is still attached...it's not very gross.. I asked the clerk, but it was just a smirk... Your menu didn't say it was discontinued.
吳國兆 on Google

Mandemaline is more delicious. I asked them to change the gas. The first time I asked them to say yes, but they didn’t come after 5 minutes of waiting. The next time I went to ask them to change it, they said yes, and finally it was a minute faster. coming. And then ordering a meal will also order the wrong... . The attitude of a boy is also terrible... I really recommend not to eat here
Joe Lee on Google

帶朋友來吃點了單價最高的澳洲和牛跟美國嫩肩雪花牛,出來的東西跟店內牆上的照片差很大,比我去全聯買的澳洲穀飼牛還更沒油花,一度懷疑是不是出錯了,朋友說比最便宜的五鮮豬還難吃,比別人多花快3倍的錢當盤子。 建議到店用餐肉類都點最便宜的就好,因為貴的你吃不出來它貴再哪裡(貴在盤子)。 若我一開始就點最便宜的肉,評論我會多給幾顆星
I brought my friends here to eat the highest-priced Australian Wagyu beef and American tender-shouldered snowflake beef. What came out was very different from the photos on the wall in the store. It was even less oily than the Australian grain-fed beef I bought from Quanlian. I wonder if something went wrong, but my friend said that it was more unpalatable than the cheapest Wuxian pig, and it cost 3 times more money for the plate than others. It is recommended to order the cheapest meat when you go to the restaurant, because you can't tell how expensive it is (the more expensive it is on the plate). If I had ordered the cheapest meat in the first place, I would have given a few more stars to the review
鄭小竹 on Google

空間很大,座位很充足,但可能因為價格中等的關係,生意很好,用餐時間可能稍微等候一下即可。算翻桌率很快了^_^ 目前點過牛肉、鴨肉、海鮮等鍋品,肉質鮮美,吃起來不材不老,醬料的部分也很可以,是大眾口味。醬料基本該有的調味都有了,準備的很充足,唯一桑我覺得不理想的是魚餃,不是很好吃,再來湯頭點麻辣鍋跟龍骨鍋這個部分,雖然價格只差了30元,湯頭要去調味區自取,但是我發現就算是點龍骨鍋,拿麻辣的湯頭來加,也等於是麻辣鍋了?這樣我們點麻辣鍋的,真的還不如點龍骨⋯ 當然我們是沒有這樣做,只是覺得這一點不太理想,對於精打細算可能覺得很划算吧。
The space is large and the seats are sufficient, but maybe because of the medium price, the business is very good, and the meal time may be a little wait. Calculating the table turnover rate is very fast^_^ I have ordered beef, duck, seafood and other pot products. The meat is delicious, not old enough to taste, and the sauce is also very good, which is popular. The sauce basically has all the necessary seasonings, and the preparation is very sufficient. The only thing I think is not ideal is the fish dumplings, which are not very tasty. Then I will order the spicy pot and the keel pot, although the price is only 30%. Yuan, the soup must go to the seasoning area to pick it up, but I found that even if you order the keel pot, add the spicy soup, it is equal to the spicy pot ? so we order the spicy pot, it is really better to order the keel... Of course, we didn't do this. We just don't think this is ideal. It might be a good deal for meticulous planning.
Dika Chen on Google

2顆星是給肉的、其他真的不行 工作人員可能閉著眼睛切辣椒跟蔥、來好幾次辣椒這樣是需要啃辣椒?真不知道怎麼用沾醬、碗洗不乾淨發霉,希望店家可以改進。
2 stars are for meat, others are really not good The staff may close their eyes and cut the peppers and green onions. How many times do you need to chew peppers? I really don't know how to use the sauce, the dishes are not clean and moldy, I hope the store can improve it.
安好百業結盟 on Google

Today's son treats guests, 4 people eat 3,100 yuan, order the ingredients that you like to eat, don't waste it, recommend it!
Li Christina on Google

The things are cheap and delicious. The soup in the spicy pot is delicious, and you can drink the aroma of pepper. The meat is delicious and worthy of the price. There are many choices in the menu. Order what you want to eat. There are also basic beverage machines for internal use. In terms of CP value is very high!
善椽 on Google


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