Liangshan Waterfall - Majia Township

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Majia Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 903

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城市 : Pingtung County
Description : Dramatic 3-tier waterfalls in a designated scenic area with man-made footpaths & viewing areas.

Majia Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 903
maria dheekets on Google

please indicate if the falls have water or not
Cyril on Google

This place is amazing! A little stairs climbing up there and in less than an hour, you are in the middle of the mountain forest river and waterfall! Even greater feeling with a little drizzle!! ? But pay attention to poisonous snakes (rare) and slippery rocks! ?
Toni on Google

Nice place for s short hike. Unfortunately, it wasn't waterfall season, so the river was almost completely dry. We trekked just below where the waterfall would be, and there was only a small stream of water falling, but nonetheless a great spot to be one with nature, specially during current trying times. There weren't that many tourists, but still had to pay for an entrance fee. Would definitely recommend for a day trip to stop by for a quick trek.
Sonia on Google

Don't go when it's rainy season and the water is brown from rain. You could get stuck over the waterfall like we almost did.
Glenn Nawrocki on Google

Been here several times first time parked in parking lot walked the path to waterfall east walk great place Waterfall with pools nice place relax with feet in the rushing water. Another time access by cemetery follow road up the mountain then their is a large marker outlining the free path. A good hike path does get narrow with moderately hazardous paths. Just be careful. On this day the waterfall was a trickle no large pool of water at its base no flowing stream. Still a good hike
An-Yu Chang on Google

Amazingggggg. U don't have to walk far and long. Waterfall is in the mountains.?? Ticket is NT$30 for one person
Ani Pelaez on Google

This is a good place to walk and enjoy the view, but will be better in summer or after a rainy day because the waterfall will be bigger. There is a lot of spiders and sneaks, be careful. Tickets are very cheap
Jeph Zenitram on Google

Perfect weekend get away . Overwhelming waterfall . Theres two ways to get there 1. Pay for entrance fee at the main gate or 2. Use the hikers trail , few meters away from the main gate . Just follow the sign mainly red/blue ties which i believe hikers tied it

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