TungLiu Ferries Joint Service Center - Liuqiu Township

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地址 :

Liuqiu Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 929

電話 : 📞 +888899
網站 : http://www.tfship.com.tw/taifu/index.aspx
城市 : Pingtung County

Liuqiu Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan 929
Sheila T on Google

Very professional, safe service
Jack Chen on Google

Shann-Wei Yeh on Google

It's a ferry place what else do you expect. Moe anime girls? Ohhh...
cristino catapang on Google

It's excellent service no need to wait for long time
Kam Hoe Chaw (Super Good) on Google

This is the ferry terminal for travel from mainland to Lambai island (小琉球). The ferry can carry both motorcycle and normal passenger. There is a special queue for Local. Remember to noted down the last departing ferry of the day. Waiting area have only a few sits around.
Evie Conkling on Google

This is one of several ferry companies serving Xiao Liuqiu. Schedules may vary but generally there is a boat every hr or 2 thru the daylight hours. Buy tickets at the dock 1 hr before departure. In calm weather the ride is smooth and fast, about 20 min, but a windy day can make for a longer ride with more bounding motion. Stand in back with the luggage or sit in rear section to minimize motion sickness. Interior seating area has a/c. It was half capacity, every other seat, during covid precautions but as of this edit is back to full seating. Life jackets under every seat. Check weather reports in advance, since boats will not run if there is a severe storm warning posted.
Carlos Pedroza on Google

Nice Pier with little shops around here. I believe they have tree boating companies that take you here to Kaohsiung and back. Friendly staff and service. We took the FT Express and they allow 21 scooter in the boat plus passengers. Their schedule is every two hours, but the schedule changes due to the holidays.
Mohd yaqub Khan on Google

Port is connected to public transportation from city centers and there will be long queues for private taxis. Port has some restaurant near by. Port has sitting area, booking counter who can speak a little English, restroom and one convenient store. Port is a link to Xiao-lan Yu from Kaohsiung city. Port is well managed and cleaned but near by ocean is full of garbage and sometimes you will witness screaming of boats staff. Boats are good in conditions and comfortable and it will take approximately 2 hours to reach island. Port has parking space .

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