火車頭燈飾-仁武總店(燈具-燈泡-崁燈-水晶燈-軌道燈-吊扇-空間光線規劃-燈具安裝) - Renwu District

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地址 :

814, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Renwu District, Renxiong Rd, 478號火車頭燈飾-仁武總店(燈具/燈泡/崁燈/水晶燈/軌道燈/吊扇/空間光線規劃/燈具安裝)

電話 : 📞 +88779
網站 : https://www.facebook.com/a0939750550/%3Feid%3DARCsZLPXy122jKPp8tGrhVy82DrSWUFpr3u4hDm-dtBUdPE8BDQVhhqjE-V9gTL-_OCAssepdh4FOjg5
城市 : Renxiong Rd

814, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Renwu District, Renxiong Rd, 478號火車頭燈飾-仁武總店(燈具/燈泡/崁燈/水晶燈/軌道燈/吊扇/空間光線規劃/燈具安裝)
Kiki Wish on Google

Goods with bright texture, light weight, suitable for light decoration
Samson Tsai on Google

I love his bulb warranty campaign, absolutely true.
Chinchi Wang on Google

The waiter kindly explained and also gave suggestions, and the master who came to install was also very kind
Simon Yen on Google

Super professional lighting store, the staff is super professional, but also patient. ^^
程宥熏 on Google

Did you make a mistake on the phone? I've been hung up once and I have to call again, I just said I'm not your guest and asked?
ROSE ZENG on Google

服務人員真的是專業! 比我自己還細心推!這裏除了款式非常多!價錢真的便宜!還有很多特價的東西,也會幫你精打細算用便宜的方式來達到想要的功能或設計,我們是家庭使用,他推薦了非常多物美價廉的燈具,整間買起來完全預算內又多了很多東西😂真的覺得很推薦!值得些這麼多分享😊 謝謝當天服務我們的兩位美女😊
The service staff are really professional! Push more carefully than myself! In addition to the many styles here! The price is really cheap! There are also a lot of specials, which will help you plan carefully and use a cheap way to achieve the desired function or design. We are for family use. He recommends a lot of high-quality and inexpensive lamps. The whole room can be bought completely within the budget. A lot of things 😂 really think it is very recommended! It's worth sharing so much 😊 Thank you for the two beauties who served us that day😊
米雪兒 on Google

This is very good, I recommend everyone. First of all, the service staff Aimi has a very good attitude, and she is very patient to recommend us to explain the style and advantages of the lamps. Not only the boss received us warmly, but also was responsible for recommending us carefully. Suitable lamps are not only installed for free, but also have a two-year maintenance period. Because my family chose more than 30 lamps, the installer finished the installation in one afternoon. He was very careful and patient, and cleaned the wires on the floor. Clean and clean, it must have a lot to do with the boss's management, I am very satisfied throughout the process, praise! recommend
江Joanna on Google

I have purchased lighting from other stores before, and the lighting is beautiful. Recently, I bought lamps from other homes, but not in Renwu store. I called them and told them that I wanted to change the installation time of the lamps, but the service staff said they could not find the information I bought, but they would check for me again. Check it out, and then call me again to confirm, and finally confirmed that it was me who made an oolong. In the face of my irrational customer, they still responded very kindly. The service is really good. If you want to buy lighting next time, This store will be given priority.

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