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800, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Xinxing District, Mingxing St, 4-1號明星早餐店(阿伯的店) 號

電話 : 📞 +88787
網站 : https://breakfast-restaurant-3755.business.site/
城市 : Mingxing St

800, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Xinxing District, Mingxing St, 4-1號明星早餐店(阿伯的店) 號
黃婕恩(黃婕恩) on Google

怕平日上班時間過去人太多 挑11點去 比較沒有人~ 店面有年代但整齊乾淨 和評論說得一樣阿伯有朝氣又熱情 起司蛋餅35:🧀️ 蛋餅皮很脆,起司絲像不用錢一樣撒超多,真的可以特別為了這個蛋餅騎車十分鐘過來吃😂,不用特別沾醬已經很好吃,但搭配蒜蓉醬又是另一個風味,不過下次點應該會少醬,吃到後面覺得偏鹹~ 豬排肉片25:🥩 忘記可以把豬排夾進蛋餅內,還用單點的🤣 店家自醃的肉片調味足夠又軟嫩~拿來夾吐司吃的話一定很讚(˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵)
I'm afraid that there will be too many people during working hours on weekdays Pick 11 o'clock and there is no one~ The store is dated but neat and clean As the comments say, Abel is energetic and enthusiastic Cheese quiche 35: 🧀️ The omelet crust is very crisp, and the cheese shreds are sprinkled as much as without money. You can really ride for ten minutes to eat this omelet 😂, it is delicious without special sauce, but it is another thing to match with garlic sauce. One flavor, but there should be less sauce next time, and it feels salty afterwards~ Pork Cutlet 25: 🥩 Forget that you can put pork chops into the omelette, and use a la carte 🤣 The self-marinated meat slices are seasoned and tender enough~ it must be great when you eat it with toast (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵)
FeiFei Lee on Google

蔬菜蛋餅料多到炸出來而且皮超酥!! 蛋餅喜酥皮者一定很愛 蔥抓餅+雙色起司也很好吃 老闆阿伯很熱情會一直跟我們聊天(社恐者可能要小心🤣) 也會先問蔬菜有哪些菜、醬油蒜蓉吃不吃等等感覺是個超級無敵可以客製化的早餐店 辣醬很香敢吃辣得可以試試看很提味 聽說是阿伯自己炒的! 下次如果再去高雄會想再訪的傳早
The vegetable omelette is so rich that it is fried and the skin is super crispy! ! Puff pastry lovers will love it The scallion pancake + two-tone cheese is also delicious The boss Abo is very enthusiastic and will chat with us all the time (social fears may be careful 🤣) I will also ask what vegetables are there, whether to eat soy sauce and garlic, etc. It feels like a super invincible breakfast restaurant that can be customized. The spicy sauce is very fragrant and dare to eat spicy enough to try it out I heard that Arbor made it himself! If I go to Kaohsiung next time, I would like to visit again Chuanzao
阿智 on Google

阿北非常親切,加分! 起司蛋餅好吃,起士多會牽絲,餅皮酥脆 豬排蛋三明治,麵包烤過,肉不會太乾柴 蘿蔔糕煎的脆脆的,一定要搭配醬油和特調辣醬👍
Abei is very kind, extra points! The cheese quiche is delicious, the cheese will pull the silk, and the crust is crispy Pork chop and egg sandwich, grilled on bread, the meat is not too dry The radish cake is fried and crispy, it must be paired with soy sauce and special hot sauce👍
賴秋妏 on Google

這次環島,剛好入住六合夜市這,才有機會品嚐到阿伯 酥脆蛋餅、肉排吐司及認識了風趣幽默的阿伯及健談的老闆娘閒話加長~ ¶塔香蛋餅-九層塔給的不手軟,濃濃塔香,外酥內軟。 ¶起司蛋餅-濃郁起司香搭配酥酥脆脆的口感,絕配~愛吃起司的這個必點👍 ¶肉排蛋吐司-是真真實實的肉排,是自己醃製的,不乾柴,很好吃😋 ¶飲料很大杯 有機會會再次造訪~
This time around the island, I happened to stay at Liuhe Night Market, and I had the opportunity to taste Arbor's crispy omelette, steak toast, and get to know the humorous Arbor and the chatty proprietress. Gossip extended~ ¶Taxiang Egg Cake - The nine-story tower is not soft on the hand, with a strong tower fragrance, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. ¶Cheese omelette - rich cheese flavor and crispy texture, perfect match~ This must be ordered for those who love cheese👍 ¶Chop and egg toast - it's a real meat chop, marinated by yourself, not dry wood, very delicious 😋 ¶The drink is big If there is a chance, I will visit again~
David Wilkinson on Google

Friendly owners. Speak English. Tasty food.
Fabian Schmidt on Google

Great local breakfast, close to main station. Friendly owners, tasty food 👍
Rachel Lam on Google

Authentic Taiwanese breakfast spot frequented by locals, so you know it’s quality stuff! Reasonably priced. Limited seats so you may want to 外帶 instead.
Andrew Shih on Google

Food is delicious, though rather pricey in comparison with other places.

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