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70457, Taiwan, Tainan City, North District, Dongfeng Rd, 387號商務套房短租

電話 : 📞 +8879
網站 : http://www.tainanbnb.com/
城市 : Dongfeng Rd

70457, Taiwan, Tainan City, North District, Dongfeng Rd, 387號商務套房短租
GeEn Le on Google

優點:服務品質好、乾淨、便宜 缺點:沒有電梯、整棟共用一台只有溫水和熱水的飲水機、汽車停車不便
Advantages: good service, clean and cheap Disadvantages: no elevator, the whole building shares a water dispenser with only warm water and hot water, and the car is inconvenient to park.
Estrella Chu on Google

The receptionist needs to be trained, the response attitude is not positive and polite, the room is average, the soundproofing is poor, the parking around is fairly convenient
Han Yun Liang on Google

It is considered to be the majority of self-serviced homestays. There is no meal, no parking lot to stop, it is good to stop.
江東芳 on Google

8051雙人房 頂樓加蓋(5樓),天花板拱型,貼滿磁磚,超像睡在地宮當中 床旁邊原本是陽台,用整面落地窗隔起來變成小客廳跟浴室 晚上睡覺時內亮外暗變成一大面鏡子對著人,感覺不好 重點是!頂樓加蓋萬一樓下發生火警,樓梯只有一個,我不知道往哪裡逃 一晚1400,算便宜,但是離火車站有ㄧ小段距離,樓下只有迷克夏跟711,離成大近 但是沒交通工具,要去逛街不方便
8051 double room The top floor is covered (5th floor), the ceiling is arched, it is covered with tiles, and it is like sleeping in the underground palace. The bed was originally a balcony, separated by a floor-to-ceiling window into a small living room and bathroom. When you sleep at night, the light inside and outside becomes a large mirror facing the person, feeling bad. The point is! The top floor is covered with a fire in the downstairs. There is only one stairs. I don't know where to escape. One night 1400, it is cheap, but there is a small distance from the train station, downstairs only the gram summer and 711, close to the big But without transportation, it is not convenient to go shopping.
Fan yo on Google

不曉得評分是怎麼來的? 聽說可以點星星哦? 在這裡 熱水要等一兩小時 房間一進去就各種髒亂又霉味的 有霉味可以用咖啡渣去除嗎? 椅子會搖,床嚴重塌陷 大家各自斟酌吧
I don't know how the score came from? I heard that you can order stars? it's here Hot water has to wait for an hour or two As soon as the room went in, it was all messy and musty. Can musty be removed with coffee grounds? The chair will shake and the bed will collapse Let everyone think about it.
王無語 on Google

The room is not very ok, the room is full of strange smell, I don't know if it is a fox smell or a taste, but I still buy the incense and come back, but I can only taste it for a short time, because the taste of sleeping in the middle of the night immediately appears again, and the whole is a bit speechless. A little Chinese New Year spends money to find the feeling of being guilty
李菲力 on Google

雖說態度很好,其他也都普普通通 但是洗澡洗到第二個人就變冷水!冷水!冷水! 玩了一天,到民宿還冷水頗度爛的 等了一兩個小時都12點多了才洗到熱水 寒流來天真的冷到不行還只有冷水? 卻要等熱水器重開?等熱水等一兩小時? 再光是床就有嚴重塌陷,然後坐下椅子就稍有壞掉的狀況,再加上枕頭棉被嚴重的霉味,但民宿業者卻告知用咖啡渣放房間處理,想請教用咖啡渣可以去霉味和塵蟎嗎? 應該是平時就沒什麼再曝曬陽光吧? 桌子椅子都會搖晃我也不多做解釋,電視櫃和桌櫃內都放著嚴重雜物以及灰塵 這樣回覆的大家住過的沒同感嗎?
Although the attitude is very good, others are common. But when you wash the bath to the second person, it becomes cold water! cold water! cold water! After a day of playing, the hotel is still very cold. Waiting for an hour or two, it’s more than 12 o'clock before washing the hot water. The cold current comes to the innocent cold, but only cold water? But have to wait for the water heater to reopen? Waiting for hot water for an hour or two? The light is that the bed is seriously collapsed, and then the chair is slightly broken, and the pillow quilt is severely musty, but the hotel owner informs the coffee slag to be placed in the room. I would like to ask for coffee grounds. Is it mildew and dust mites? Should it be normal to have no sun exposure? I don’t have much explanation for the table and chairs, and there are serious sundries and dust in the TV cabinets and desk cabinets. Do you have the same feeling of living in this way?
馜馜表情包 on Google


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