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970, Taiwan, Hualien County, Hualien City, Chenggong St, 169號花蓮城隍廟

電話 : 📞 +88889
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Wednesday 6AM–8:30PM
Thursday 6AM–8:30PM
Friday 6AM–8:30PM
Saturday 6AM–8:30PM
Sunday 6AM–8:30PM
Monday 6AM–8:30PM
Tuesday 6AM–8:30PM
城市 : Chenggong St

970, Taiwan, Hualien County, Hualien City, Chenggong St, 169號花蓮城隍廟
張晏禎 on Google

Reconstructed monuments, incense and grandeur! Opposite the temple, black tea can be visited after drinking.
鄭雅文 on Google

去附近廟口紅茶許多次,從未注意過一旁大廟是何廟。因夢見城隍爺,剛好來花蓮陪爸爸就醫,吃早餐時才發現居然是城隍廟,進去參拜,向城隍爺稟明是否真有指示,如若真有還請賜籤,感謝慈悲的城隍爺賜籤! 城隍廟平日寧靜莊嚴,建議來吃早餐時可以進來跟慈悲的城隍爺打招呼。
I went to nearby Miaokou for black tea many times, and I never noticed where the big temple on the side is. I dreamed that Lord Chenghuang happened to come to Hualien to accompany my father to the doctor. When I had breakfast, I realized that it was the Chenghuang Temple. I went to worship and told Lord Chenghuang whether there was any instructions. If so, please give me a visa. Thanks to the compassionate Lord Chenghuang for giving the visa! The Chenghuang Temple is quiet and solemn on weekdays. It is recommended that you come in for breakfast and greet the compassionate Chenghuangye.
710 Kata on Google

It is a very photogenic temple. Especially recommended at night. The entire building is also very elaborate. If you are staying nearby, you can go without any loss.
Bruce Young (眀聖天-楊博如) on Google

【我也去過那裡!】從民宿騎自行車出門,轉了幾個彎,很巧合的撞見城隍廟前的「三頭象神」。「三頭象神」是「因陀羅」的坐騎,「因陀羅」是印度教神明,吠陀經籍所載眾神之首,佛教翻譯為「帝釋天」。很多人會誤以為三頭象神是白色的,其實祂是淡粉紅色的,泰國曼谷有一座「三頭象神博物館」(The Erawan Museum),就是一座罕見的全粉紅色廟宇呢! 自行車:伊莎貝爾女王Queen Isabel 相機:SONY A7R3 【推廣運動旅遊。在生活中展現美、勇、愛與智慧】 IG: bruceyoung6666 #單車旅拍日記 #轉輪乘王車隊 #攝影 #自行車 #公路車 #旅遊 #台灣 #CyclingTravelDiary #Bicyclist #Cyclists #bike #bicycle #travel #tourism #Journey #Taiwan #花蓮 #三頭象神 #三頭象神博物館 #泰國曼谷
[I have been there too! 】Riding out from the hotel, I took a few turns and ran into the "three-headed elephant god" in front of the Chenghuang Temple. "Three-headed Elephant God" is the mount of "Indra". "Indra" is a Hindu god. Many people mistakenly think that the three-headed elephant god is white. In fact, he is light pink. There is "The Erawan Museum" (The Erawan Museum) in Bangkok, Thailand, which is a rare all-pink temple! Bicycle: Queen Isabel Camera: SONY A7R3 [Promote sports tourism. Show beauty, courage, love and wisdom in life] IG: bruceyoung6666 #单车旅拍日记#转轮乘王队#摄影# Bike#路车#旅游#Taiwan#CyclingTravelDiary #Bicyclist #Cyclists #bike #bicycle #travel #tourism #Journey #Taiwan #花莲#三头象神#三头象神 Museum# Bangkok, Thailand
林玨 on Google

The brand-new temple, following the ancient architecture, is beautiful and beautiful, remember to drink black tea diagonally across from it.
wongvictory on Google

20210910: 花蓮城隍廟之一,來過幾回了,天氣太熱,之後買一旁花蓮廟口紅茶, 和三粒剛買不久的曾傳手工麻糬,在廟前吃,真是放鬆身心靈.
20210910: One of the Hualien City God Temples, I have been here a few times, the weather is too hot, and then I bought black tea at the mouth of the Hualien Temple. I have just bought the Zeng Chuan handmade mochi with Sanlian, and eat it in front of the temple.
james wu on Google

Local faith center, come to drink black tea and travel
Naomi Lin on Google

附近有有名的廟口紅茶(城隍廟斜對面),我覺得紅茶普通、泡麵就是排骨雞麵加蛋這樣、其他蛋餅肉粽也還好…小孩不要進去廟裡,只能路過看一看。 個人覺得傳統建築真的很美!上面裝飾的祈福燈籠紅的很大氣,喜歡傳統建築的人可以來走一走,欣賞這大中華的傳統藝術。
There is the famous Miaokou Black Tea nearby (opposite Chenghuang Temple). I think the black tea is ordinary, the instant noodles are pork ribs and chicken noodles with eggs, and other omelets and meat dumplings are also good... Children should not go into the temple, just pass by and have a look. Personally think that traditional buildings are really beautiful! The blessing lantern decorated above is very red, and those who like traditional architecture can come and enjoy the traditional art of China.

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